Can a Staircase add value to a property?

Estate agents, property developers and architects confirm that a feature staircase can not only add value to the selling price, but can also speed the sale.

“Staircases are becoming more important to architects and interior designers.  Home owners regularly spend a fortune on kitchens and bathrooms which are often ripped out after a few years.  A staircase on the other hand as an architectural feature, can be a focal point, transforming an interior or entrance hall”

 A plain uninspiring timber staircase tends to remain unnoticed and is merely a way of moving are willing to pay a premium to acquire a house with such a feature.

The staircase is an aspect of a house that is overlooked and underestimated. A feature staircase can provide the ‘wow factor’ that is often sought by buyers and it can be delivered before they even have entered the first room.  When trying to sell your house, first impressions count for a great deal!”

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