Diamonds in the Rough

The vast world of construction is not a field which you would normally associate with diamonds, so it may come as a surprise to learn that there is almost no limit to the range of applications where diamond tooling can support and assist companies, and individuals, involved in this most diverse of industries. Established for over fifty-five years, D.K. Holdings Limited has developed an excellent reputation for creative and technical expertise in designing and manufacturing quality diamond tooling for the glass, stone, composite, engineering and floor industries. Our tooling provides solutions to the most challenging of situations in cutting, grinding, drilling, reaming, polishing and profiling; we supply to individuals engaged in home renovation projects all the way up to large companies with numerous business areas. Every customer counts and every scenario represents an opportunity.

Our ability to design and manufacture tools of special sizes, including core drills for concrete walls and floors, separates us from suppliers whose products are largely bought in. Our wide range of diamond saws (wire, loop and floor) can be employed for demolition and road-works, not to mention the cutting of blocks, bricks and paving. In recent years, an increased number of companies are using composite materials for the construction of bridges, pavilions, fencing, underground pipework and commercial roofing on a scale not previously seen. D.K. Holdings has witnessed unprecedented demand for diamond tooling to address such projects.

Our extensive range of tooling includes over 1,400 stock lines on hand for prompt despatch from our new warehouse and production facility. We supply to the traditional craftsman and to large, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. The activities of our customers include stained, ornate and artistic glass, cast iron stoves and bathtubs, conservatories and orangeries, floor refurbishing and restoring, fire-places and wood-burners, composite and glass doors, high specification natural and engineered stone installations, including bath surrounds, and ceramic tile cutting and grinding. We are becoming widely recognised in the heritage industry where our diamond tooling has been able to remove years of paint, grime and rough edges in readiness for the application of the new finish. As an enhancement to D.K. Holdings’ service to customers, we can refurbish many diamond tools, thus lengthening the life of the tool and delivering a cost-effective solution to your company.

Companies and individuals involved in construction, demolition, restoration and conservation need look no further than D.K. Holdings Limited for their expert and professional partner.

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