World’s First Platform for Sealed Bid Property Sales Launches from UK in January 2018

  • Online estate agency SealedBid Ltd will be the world’s first platform to facilitate online sealed bids in residential property market
  • New approach ensures at least minimum price is achieved every time
  • Reflecting a physical auction, once bidding closes the sale can be complete within a matter of days
  • SealedBid set to be the next big thing in the UK’s property industry

PropTech start-up SealedBid is set to transform the property industry with a new ground-breaking platform that offers sealed bids on properties at the top end of the UK residential market.

SealedBid is designed to ensure that the minimum asking price at least is achieved every time. By accepting the highest bid at the time of closing, vendors have an increased chance of being offered more than the initial asking price.

Targeting property developers who own land in London, SealedBid offers a safe, certain and swift process for both vendors and buyers. All purchasers have to pass a verification process before they are able to submit a SealedBid and the entire bidding process is electronically recorded providing a detailed history of the full sale. Once bidding closes, the winner will have exchanged contracts and the sale can complete in a matter of days.

All sellers have to do is list their property on the SealedBid website. The experts at SealedBid then market the property utilising a wide industry network. Once buyers have completed the verification process they can place their bid and if won, the property will be legally theirs.

SealedBid marks a major evolution in the property industry where estate agencies have traded the same way for 250 years.

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