Garador Highlights the Importance of its Roller Door Hood Cover

Garador are highlighting the Importance of their roller door hood cover, in the design of their GaraRoll roller garage doors. In a recent blog post examining the safety benefits of having a complete roller door hood cover, the team over at Garador look at how it helps to prevent finger trapping and getting dirt on the curtain amongst other things. They also explore the safety concerns behind not having any roller box at all, which is the case for roller doors produced by some manufacturers, and touch on the European legislation that drives these concerns.

The GaraRoll is a complex product made up of lots of components. Something that might seem as simple as the box cover performs a really important function in terms of the safety and performance of the door.

The GaraRoll is perfect for garages where the homeowner wants to retain access to the ceiling space or does not have the room for tracks running back into the garage. The door curtain also rises vertically, which is ideal for garages with short driveways where cars would park right up close to the door. The GaraRoll is available in a selection of colours and timber effect finishes, as well as a full range of sizes up to 5500mm wide.

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