Smart Move: 7 Tips for Moving During the Fall

Moving can be such a drag. It’s not even the actual moving phase that gets homeowners worked up during a big move but the planning stage can also take its toll on the movers.

First, you have to really plan down to the last detail. Because if you miss out on one vital thing then it’ll all go downhill from there. As if that’s not stressful enough, why don’t you add moving during the fall into the mix and see what happens. The weather, falling debris, availability of moving services are just a few of the things that you need to take careful note of.

I’ve encapsulated the top 7 tips for moving during the fall seamlessly.

  1. Pack Like a Mover Pro

The whole process of moving is physically draining but not when you pack wisely. You can pack similar items in one box. Or items that can be unloaded in a single room in one box as well. This will enable you to bring an entire box knowing that all items inside go in that room. It will save you lots of time when unpacking once you get to your new place.

Also, for the essentials that you might need right then and there. Make sure you put them in one box and that they’re within easy reach so you don’t have to rummage through the boxes during the entire move.

  1. Don’t Forget to Label Your Boxes

You might consider this a trivial step but trust me, labeling your boxes will work in your favor once the move is over and the unloading starts. Since most of these boxes will be sealed tight for safety purposes and item protection, it’s going to be a tedious process guessing which boxes are your clothes or your children’s, which boxes are the kitchen utensils or your makeup, and etc. So you don’t have to open and check every time you’re looking for something, go the extra mile in labeling them and be very specific while you’re at it.

  1. Book Moving Services in Advance

Moving during the fall might also be beneficial for you because *surprise surprise* – it’s going to be a lot cheaper since the summer moves are over and done with. More moving services will be available, so try to haggle the price and of course, always book a week or weeks in advance.

However, if your personal truck can take a house-move beating, then you don’t need to hire anyone. Just make sure your car is in tiptop shape.

  1. Make Sure the Utilities in the New Place Are Working

Moving during the fall also means you’ll be preparing yourself for the winter season. And in some countries, people can already feel the kiss of colder temperatures during this time. Always ensure that the utilities are already set up in the new place like the heaters, electricity, or plumbing system.

An upper hand on calling the utility companies beforehand is you get to compare the prices and pick those companies which suit your budget. A last-minute installation might make you shell out more money in the end.

  1. Dress Comfortably

Forget about your ManoloBlahniks, Pradas, Jimmy Choos, or Valentinos for now. You have to anticipate the constant ambulation during the entire move. You’re going to be carrying some boxes, facilitating the moving staff, moving to and fro almost all the time. In short, moving is a workout! So make sure you’re wearing your most comfortable sneakers and clothes.

In addition, wear the right clothes for the weather. If it’s cold, wear a sweater but also make sure that it’s not thick or heavy enough that’ll make moving around a hassle.

  1. Ensure Safety at All Times

The last thing you want from your move is someone getting into an unfortunate tripping accident because you didn’t take the extra precautions to protect them from the residues of wet falling leaves or muddy areas.

Take the time to clear the pathways, entryways, or just about any area where the moving staff comes and goes. Sweep any debris of leaves or puddles that can hinder the moving truck.

  1. Don’t Worry if You Can’t Pack Everything

Moving can’t be done in a day especially if you’ve lived in a huge house and hoarded a lot of stuff (I guess this is the time to regret your hoarding tendencies). So don’t worry if you can’t pack everything in one or two or three sittings. But what you can do though is to pack the things that you need especially for the season. If you’ve got piles of summer clothing or outdoor furniture lying around your old house, you really need not bring them immediately. You can always come back for them. Just make sure you’re well-prepared for the fall season.

Moving can be a breeze if you stick to these top seven simple tips before you make the big move. Be smart about your packing choices and this procedure should be enjoyable for you.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks  is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas and home improvement. She is currently working for 123Closedhouse, which offers easy solution for distressed property owners who are facing personal or financial hardship, to sell their home fast.



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