WMI Simpsons Ltd help The IPG Orbit the Moon! @ipg_the

WMI Simpsons Ltd help The IPG Orbit the Moon! @ipg_the

From Monday 22nd July to Friday 26th July, some of The IPG members from across their extensive UK network, participated in an astronomical fundraising challenge.

In honour of The IPG’s partnered charity, Missing People #findeverychild, The IPG’s quest, through the help of their members, was to collectively cycle the circumference of the moon – an impressive 10,921km! –  to raise funds to help the cause in bringing missing children home to their families or to a safe place.

Justin Protheroe, Director of WMI Simpsons Ltd said ‘I wanted to take part in Orbit the Moon because as a proud member of The IPG it is important that we all support our group charity partner ‘Missing People’ to help find every child. Many voices are better than one and it is a fantastic charity that really goes above and beyond to bring these children back home or to a place of safety. My team and I are living and breathing this ride every minute of the day this week’

The mission to ‘Orbit the Moon’ began last Monday, and IPG members were fully equipped for their goal, with static bikes in gear, distance trackers set, and everyone braced for impact…

Stewart Corby, Trades Counter Sales at WMI Simpsons Ltd said ‘It’s very rewarding to work for a company that cares about their local community and their staff. By jumping on the bike this week, it’s nice to know that we are doing our bit to help this worthwhile charity’

The week-long expedition saw the members’ local communities coming together and thriving, supporting their resident independent and fuelling the local economy. New and existing customers were all systems go and keen for their turn to clock up some miles.

Marvel Plumbing & Heating, Lisa Catto (Customer of WMI Simpsons Ltd) added: ‘I appreciate how important it is to be aligned with business partners (like WMI Simpsons) who are so conscious of giving back to the community. What a great cause this is, if ever you’ve had a child, you will know just how important it is to support incentives like these’

Gary Mead, Regional Sales Manager of Tower TFC Group (Supplier for The IPG) said ‘I’m really happy to be working alongside WMI Simpsons to support The IPG members charity partner – Missing People #FindEveryChild. I’ve managed an hour on the bike and will be getting back on it this afternoon’

Founded on a passion for championing independent businesses in the plumbing, heating and bathroom sector, The IPG’s Orbit the Moon campaign truly embodied their signature motto, ‘Stronger Together’, as it saw a number of IPG suppliers sponsor the individual events as well as jumping on the saddle themselves to contribute a few more miles!

Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG, said: “Seeing everyone come together, truly drives home The IPG’s core message, of being Stronger Together.  A special thanks and well done to all members and suppliers involved!

Scott Staples, Aquila Heating Services (Customer of WMI Simpsons Ltd) said: ‘I like to shop at WMI Simpsons as they are not only a great bunch of people, but their service is second to none, they offer good prices and as an independent business they care about their community, hence why they are supporting this great cause. Justin and his team have thrown themselves into this campaign and I’m pleased to have participated in their static charity cycle ride’

While the journey to the moon has come to an end, the excitement doesn’t end there for The IPG members – as a prize will be awarded to the member store that has cycled the most miles at The IPG’s 2019 conference on 20th September 2019, which takes place at The National Space Centre in Leicester.

You can find out more about The IPG by visiting the brand-new website, www.the-ipg.co.uk. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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