Villeroy & Boch’s award winning Finion Clever integration of technology to the bathroom @UK_Bathrooms

The bathroom has pivoted from being a purely functional wash space to a room of relaxation and soothing spa-style luxury. How the room is designed has also evolved, with its focus moving from cleanliness and efficiency to the overall bathing experience – how the room makes you feel, and its ambiance. Today’s bathroom is a private sanctuary, a unique space in the house to retreat to, wind-down in and a place to indulge in some alone guilt-free solitude.

In a world of constant multi-tasking, endless scrolling and too much screen time, the bathroom has generally remained the one room in the house where you can escape technology. While of course withdrawing from overstimulating notifications does wonders for wellbeing and mental health, when used in the right way technology can have a positive effect and play into creating a restful, restorative atmosphere.

Spanning bathroom furniture, ceramics and accessories, Villeroy & Boch’s award winning Finion range introduces technology to the bathroom in a subtle, user-friendly way. The gentle Emotion lighting – as its name suggests – taps in to the need for calming and easily controlled soft illumination throughout the space with the option to add LEDs to all Finion pieces, while the collection also sensitively incorporates music and charging points to the bathroom, all activated through a single remote control.

The Finion collection from Villeroy & Boch cleverly integrates technology into the bathroom so that it is unobtrusive and invisible,’ explains Graeme Borchard, MD at UK Bathrooms. ‘While boasting numerous technological innovations, the collection places a peaceful and holistic experience at its core, focusing on setting the scene for serenity before anything else.’

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The furniture

Customisation defines the Finion furniture collection. Select from 13 stylish finishes for the front and sides of vanity units – from real wood veneers, Glossy White and Matt Black Lacquer to sunny Gold and rich red Peony – and experiment with different shades for the internal shelf module to create an expressive display unique to your home. Like all Finion elements, vanity units, tall cabinets and shelf boxes can be further customised with the addition of LED lighting which illuminates shelving to make it an atmospheric feature within the space.

The bath

Cast in Villeroy & Boch’s unique, quartz-based Quaryl material which is incredibly durable, impact resistant and easy to clean, the freestanding Finion bath shows off slimline edges and a seamless contemporary curve which can be custom coloured with any RAL tone to perfectly match – or contrast – any furniture combination, tile tone or wall shade. Add Emotion lighting around the base of the bath to make it seems as if it’s floating on a ring of light, the most modern oasis.

The mirror

The Finion mirror may look like a classic, but it’s hiding a whole host of clever features. With a border of Emotion lighting illuminating it from every angle – which can be changed from warm white to cool white at the touch of a button to suit your mood – there are also options for a smart anti-fogging function, plus a premium integrated sound system to set the tone for the whole space.

The charging station

Power up while you zone out with the most discreet way to charge your phone – simply place it on the side cabinet or in the shelf unit to wirelessly charge the battery and stream your music without worry.

Design-led, practical and intuitive, the Finion range is the bathroom’s most high-tech way to switch off.

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