Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

From striking pendants in the latest Ocean Collection to classic wall & ceiling lights, The Soho Lighting Collection has something for every home.

If you’re working on a shopping page, any lighting features, need to borrow lights for shoots or would like expert comment from founder Lee Lovett, please do let me know.

For Lee Lovett , Founder of The Soho Lighting Company, an obsession with beautiful lighting and accessories grew from years spent as an interior designer and period renovation consultant on numerous London and home county projects.

The company was born from a desire to have more choice when it came to period lighting whilst still maintaining a blend of authenticity, quality, and finish. This led Lee and her team to design and create their own range of timeless lighting products, in an array of beautiful finishes and materials.

Today, this proudly British brand meticulously and ethically sources high quality traditional materials from the UK and around the world.  They design in London then manufacture, handcraft and hand fi nish from their workshop in Cornwall.

Lee says: “There is a wealth of artisan talent in Cornwall from metal to ceramic workshops and a passion for sustainable creativity. With a 4000-year heritage of metal mining and working we have a great network of local arti sans involved in our business.’’

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