Every year we see the return of some sort of decoration trend that originally had its peak in the 50s, 60s or 70s labelled as “Modern Traditional Décor”.  For those into interior design, you may also see it labelled as grandmillennialism, matchimalism and neo-traditionalism.

All these phrases represent a revival in traditional styles and methods of decorating but are far from what could be described as ‘granny chic’. Instead, the focus Modern Traditional Décor focuses on the timelessness of the design, the comfort, and the beauty of classic styles, executed with modern techniques and materials.

Uptown Interiors is a specialist painting and decorating company based out of Hertfordshire.  They are one of a very small number of companies who specialise in traditional decorating styles and due to the surge in popularity, are in high demand.

Below are some of the most popular services by Uptown Interiors, and these demonstrate a fantastic way that every homeowner can introduce some timelessness and classic beauty into their home – without the need for a full renovation!


Wallpaper never really goes out of style and if you’ve picked up some rolls from your local hardware recently – you will haven noticed that most wallpapers on the market are incredibly sturdy, easy to hang – and some are quite durable.

More recently, though, Uptown Interiors have seen an increase in property owners requesting wallpapers that are much more like the papers available in the early to mid-nineteen hundreds, usually seen with heritage work but gaining popularity in homes.

These papers feel more like ‘lining paper’ – they’re incredibly fragile and require different types of adhesives, making them both delicate and expensive (a difficult combination).  With high-end wallpaper rolls costing anywhere from £150+ per roll, you simply can’t add on a ‘roll for luck’ when the client is watching the budget.

Due to this, application of specialised wallpapers usually requires the services of an expert.  You will find that a lot of decorators do not work with high end papers, simply due to the fact they’re not confident or experienced enough working with such high value materials.

Look for an expert who has hung the type of paper you’re interested in, and even follow the wallpaper designer’s Instagram.  Companies like Uptown Interiors often have their work reposted by well know wallpaper designers, showcasing their skills with that specific wallpaper.

Ceiling Roses & Covings

Ceiling roses have regained immense popularity in the last few months.  Whilst ceiling roses were originally designed in the Georgian era as protection for the ceiling during periods of heat in, they are now seen as a timeless, classic addition that can elevate the class of any room.

Most ceiling roses are still cast from plaster, but Uptown Interiors note that there is an increase in designs made from tin, chrome, wood, iron and brass!

Another ceiling decoration regaining its popularity is covings.   In 80% of multi-million-dollar new builds that Uptown Interiors are working on, they are also being contracted to install covings.  Rather that the basic white ceiling and coving that we’ve seen for years, owners are becoming bolder – opting for coloured covings that complement wallpapered ceilings or striped walls – adding pops of colour to children’s bedrooms and living areas alike.


Thanks to TikTok, we’re seeing a huge surge in the popularity of panelled walls.

This timeless decorative style gained popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries and was typically reserved for restoring country manor houses.  More recently, the use of wooden mouldings has been used to create the look of panelling in residential homes – from adding a little class to staircases to offering a timeless feature wall in a bedroom – panelling is one of the most effective ways of changing the vibe of a room.

It can be tricky though, requiring expert measurements and application as well as a keen eye for detail when finishing.  When done right though, the results can be breath-taking.

Repainting with Bold Colours

Uptown Interiors’ favourite revival is the reintroduction of colour!  The beige-ification of our homes started in the early 2000s and has clung onto the walls of our homes for two decades.  More recently, though, Uptown Interiors have seen a BOOM of colour specifications for properties that look more like a thesis than a one pager!

Colour is back and it’s bolder and more beautiful than ever.

Paints have evolved over time and whilst white is very forgiving when it comes to rookie error, colour application is a little more difficult.  Especially when using specialised paints such as eco paints or the more expensive formulas.

High end paints usually have a huge range of colours, and colours that stay vibrant for longer – making them an effective choice.  Unfortunately for those with less experience in application, expensive paints are less forgiving when it comes to imperfections.  These types of paints require precision when it comes to preparation of surfaces as well as the application itself.

When deciding whether to paint yourself or use an expert, be sure to calculate the cost of materials and as with wallpaper, look for companies whose work is shared by experts or the paint manufacturers themselves!

When it comes to adding timeless styles to your home, there’s a lot that can be said about looking at traditional decorating methods.  But be sure to consider consulting a company that not only understands traditional styles, but applies them with a modern approach.

About Uptown Interiors

Uptown Interiors was founded by industry veteran, Pawel Wasik (“Pav”)

Pav has worked in the high-end decorating industry for over 17 years and is well known in the industry for his attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.  He works closely with clients on all stages of the project – from colour consultation through to delivery.

Uptown Interiors specialises in traditional decorating methods using modern approaches and applications.  They are based out of Hertfordshire but work with a range of clients across London and Southern England.

Uptown Interiors are the chosen partner for high-end interior designers and developers – typically working on multi-million pound developments and refurbishments.

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