Bauer Technologies Secures Major Contract for the A417 Missing Link

Bauer Technologies Secures Major Contract for the A417 Missing Link

BAUER Technologies Ltd, a leader in geotechnical contracting, is pleased to announce its involvement in the A417 Missing Link project, a significant upgrade of a 3.4-mile-stretch of road through the scenic Cotswolds. This project not only aims to enhance road safety and connectivity but also places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, aligning with Bauer Technologies’ commitment to sustainable construction practices.

Specifically, Bauer has been commissioned by Kier Transportation, the main contractor, to install the piled foundations for four bridge structures, enhancing connectivity and safety. These structures include the Gloucestershire Way Crossing, Stockwell Overbridge, Cowley Overbridge, and Shab Hill Junction. Bauer will install 205 piles of varying diameters, reaching depths up to 28 metres below ground level. All of Bauer’s operations will be integrating seamlessly with the project’s broader sustainability objectives, including the reuse of excavated materials, which significantly reduces the overall environmental footprint, and working in a way that demonstrates sensitivity to local wildlife.

The A417 Missing Link is expected to drastically reduce traffic congestion and enhance road safety, while its design and execution maintain the highest standards of environmental care. The project includes extensive measures to protect local wildlife, including translocation of species and habitat creation, ensuring the natural beauty of the Cotswolds is preserved and enhanced.

Speaking about the project, Bauer Technologies Managing Directors; Paul Doyle and John Theos, commented, “Bauer is delighted to be part of the A417 Missing Link project, which not only allows us to showcase our advanced engineering capabilities but also our dedication to sustainable construction practices. This project is a model for future infrastructure development, combining technical innovation with environmental responsibility”.

Gavin Jones, project director for Kier Transportation, added: “We are pleased to be working with Bauer on the A417 Missing Link, which is a fantastic project in the heart of the Cotswolds surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

“The strength of our supply chain partners is integral to the success of this project. Together with Bauer, our other supply chain partners, and our client National highways, we look forward to delivering vital new infrastructure that will benefit road users and the local community for years to come.”


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