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NEW Jackets, Work Trousers & Topwear in the 2021 Snickers Workwear Catalogue @SnickersWw_UK

With verifiably sustainable fabric technology innovations.

With a focus on comfort, performance and sustainability in its new products, the 2021 digital catalogue has all you need to know about Snickers Workwear, including new products that now use REPREVE, the world’s number one brand of   recycled performance fibre.


Reuse of the existing landscape has increased school’s capacity from 600 to 950 students while preserving original heritage and identity

Redevelopment delivered around fully operational school and with minimal delays following onset of COVID-19 pandemic

How to create more space in your home: 10 top tips to utilise your space most effectively @Simplyextenduk

For many people, the last 10 months have undoubtedly meant more time at home, as the UK (and the wider world) entered into lockdown, with restrictions placed on venturing out for anything other than essential errands or work.

NHBC Foundation reveals new report on the history and future of MMC @NHBCFoundation

An in-depth new NHBC Foundation report on how the role of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) has evolved within the house-building industry has just been released.

Braving the Storms @BondItUK

With Winter fast approaching the weather has undoubtedly already taken a turn for the worse. After basking in days of sunshine we are now heading for wet and rainy days as the British weather sets in, and issues will, no doubt, start to arise with poorly maintained roofs.

Modular thermal break is the ‘go to’ solution for steel-to-steel detailing

Steel has a very high conductivity when compared with other construction materials In structures where steel elements are connected to other steel components, or where they penetrate the insulated envelope, careful design consideration is required if thermal bridging is to be avoided.   The acknowledged method of reducing therrmal transmittance in these situations is by incorporating a structural thermal break.

A product offering multiple benefits is the versatile Schöck Isokorb T type S.  A load-bearing thermal insulation element for connecting cantilevered steel girders to steel structures in new construction or renovation projects.   Penetrating support structures, such as balconies, canopy roofs, or frame system crossbars, can be reliably separated and thermal bridges  minimised.    It is the only thermal break product for steel construction that satisfies the load-bearing and thermal insulation requirements of steel design.     And being a modular unit, it can be adapted to all profile sizes and load bearing capacity requirements.  The T type S has been incorporated into a number of high-profile projects throughout the UK  and three of them are highlighted here…

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Oxford Brookes University

The redevelopment of the Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall at Oxford Brookes, creates an elegant, multi-use space for teaching, graduations and other key university events.    Support for the external cladding was provided by cantilever connections to the universal columns; and it was critical to provide a structural thermal break at strategic connectivity points.   By thermally separating the exterior steel structure from the interior steel structure, the modular thermal insulation elements with their stainless steel components, reliably mitigate the risk of condensation, mould formation and corrosion.

Greenwich Design District

Greenwich Design District provides 14,000sqm of affordable creative studios and workshops.  The sixteen buildings throughout the site incorporate a variety of Schöck solutions, but it is Building C1 that utlises the T type S Isokorb.  This three-level workshop and studio has a basketball court on the roof.  The external staircase and concrete cantilevered walkway; and also where the walkway encloses the staircase, involve particularly large cantilevers.  Here the walkway slabs, supported by a main beam, enclose cast-in steel beams and three cross-beams, which are bolted back to the structural slabs using the modular Isokorb units.

Ridgeway Views

The former site of the National Institute for Medical Research on The Ridgeway at Mill Hill, in North London, is being redeveloped as a major new residential development.    When complete there will be around 460 residential units, with apartments across nineteen buildings of three to nine-storeys and twelve three-storey houses.  Also new offices, leisure facilities and a café.     There are a variety of thermal breaks used throughout the scheme but there was a special requirement involving a steel balcony needing to be bolted down to a precast plank.  To achieve this an L-shaped bracket was first fixed to the slab, then a stub bracket and balcony attached to the bracket using the modular Isokorb.

For full information on the Isokorb T type S contact Schöck on 01865 290 890  or visit the product section of the website at



Deanestor, one of the UK’s leading furniture and fit out specialists, has completed a £1.3m contract for Laing O’Rourke for the manufacture, supply and installation of furniture and fittings for the new £350m Grange University Hospital in South East Wales.

New Year …. A new dawn. @ipg_the

As the sun rises in 2021, we can reflect on some of the positive changes that the previous year has brought to our lives, one of which is an appreciation of the local independent business, within our community, that has always been there, but we haven’t always supported. However, we have now realised that they are competitively priced, friendly, and informative and often more flexible than their larger competitors willing to adopt new ways to transact and communicate with existing and new customers.

Waterproof Core Wet Wall Collection

Atlantis is a fully waterproof shower wall surface and core, produced from high pressure laminates and a proven waterproof core. The uniform structure of the core, the smooth surface and the new gluing system make Atlantis the ultimate panelling system for showers, bathrooms and wet room applications.