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Pump Technology Ltd. now offers the expanded Saniflo Product Range @PumpTechLtd

The Saniflo domestic and commercial product range continues to expand.
Recent additions include the Sanifos range of below ground lifting stations.

Villeroy & Boch’s award winning Finion Clever integration of technology to the bathroom @UK_Bathrooms

The bathroom has pivoted from being a purely functional wash space to a room of relaxation and soothing spa-style luxury. How the room is designed has also evolved, with its focus moving from cleanliness and efficiency to the overall bathing experience – how the room makes you feel, and its ambiance. Today’s bathroom is a private sanctuary, a unique space in the house to retreat to, wind-down in and a place to indulge in some alone guilt-free solitude.

Delivering The Best Of Both Worlds @BondItUK

In today’s world we hear more and more about hybrids being the preferred choice, whether its cars with both electric and combustion engines, communication devices where a phone combines a computer and camera, or even dogs, where a Labradoodle once commonly viewed as a mongrel now is a household favourite. The science of fusing things together has resulted in more superior and efficient end products being readily available, with proven advantages for the user.