What Issues are there that autonomous car manufacturers still need to iron out?

Audi just recently announced a pledge to spend close to $16 billion (£12.63 billion) on electric mobility and self-driving technology through 2023, while Volkswagen stated only last summer that its driverless car technology, complete with Level 4/5 capability which means that no attention is required from the driver, is on course to be released into a VW dealership near you in 2021. This highlights that autonomous cars are getting closer and closer to becoming an everyday sight on our roads.

However, these are some of the issues which need to be figured out when it comes to driverless vehicles before they become a reliable and trustworthy way to get from A to B…


James Latham has released an animated whiteboard video explaining the technology behind its extensive collection of Moralt high-performance door blanks.

The entertaining, yet highly informative film, aims to demystify what is often seen as a complex subject – particularly when it comes to specification – and features Latham’s FireSound range of acoustic and fire-retardant door solutions. Combining fire-performance of up to FD90 with acoustic performance well in excess of Approved Document E, the range really does deserve shouting about.


IKEA Gateshead has become the latest of the brand’s stores to install a Changing Places toilet as part of the chain’s ongoing ambition to be accessible to all.

IKEA is currently the only major home furnishings retailer in the UK to commit to providing Changing Places toilets in all new stores, and upgrading facilities in selected existing stores.

With equipment supplied and installed by Closomat, the Changing Places facility means that anyone who needs help to go to the toilet when away from home has an appropriate environment in which to ‘go’; many disabled people need more space, and/or additional equipment, beyond that provided in traditional accessible toilets.

How LPG is impacting on the affordable housing market

Affordable housing is a never-ending issue in the UK, exacerbated currently by Brexit and its potential impact on labour i.e. cost and availability.

Positive initiatives and efficient processes are needed to help the sector deliver the number of homes that Brits can pay for — which is where LPG energy is proving an attractive asset. Here, we’ll explore how LPG is assisting in the provision of affordable housing for UK buyers and why it’s vital that the sector and government gets behind it if they want to hit targets and meet housing demands.

VELUX teams up with Farrow & Ball to shed light on colour in the home @VELUXGBI

– First partnership between the brands focuses on extensions –

– Campaign inspired by research into importance of natural light and colour on mood –

A new campaign that targets homeowners looking to renovate their home highlights the transformative effect that extra daylight can have on interior design.

The collaboration by VELUX®, roof window manufacturers, and Farrow & Ball, craftsmen in paint and wallpaper, focuses on educating homeowners on how to maximise natural light in the home and the impact it has on colour. 


Tool theft can leave tradespeople with up to £5,000 in replacement costs

Tradespeople who have been victims of tool theft are having to replace up to £5,000 worth of tools and can lose up to two days of vital earnings, impacting both their professional and personal lives, a Screwfix survey has found.

After conducting research amongst their customers, 46% of respondents stated they have had their tools stolen, and 39% said they’ve had them stolen at least twice.

New Control4 Driver for Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

In an exciting development for home automation installers, Lithe Audio has developed a new driver that will give Control4 users control over their Award-winning Lithe Audio multi-room Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers.

Lithe Audio’s innovative Wi-Fi ceiling speakers provide an all-in-one solution for multi-room music streaming. They include built-in 60W RMS amplifiers and Wi-Fi so there’s no need for speaker cables in the walls. Just connect power from the lighting or power circuit and they can simply be set up via Airplay.

The new driver supports SDDP. It allows the user to control volume, track skipping and play, and muting. It also features ‘now playing’ meta data feedback, a ‘now playing’ progress bar, automatic room on/off for streaming, and auxiliary input switching.

Are Apprenticeships and Graduate Schemes in Construction the Way Forward?

As our population continues to grow here in Britain, there’s a demand for a greater infrastructure. From commercial builds to support our booming business scene to the development of new homes to tackle the housing crisis nationwide, we need to prepare the future generation of construction workers to keep up demand while ensuring that skill shortages within the sector remains low.

There are multiple ways that someone could enter the construction industry, but this has undergone a noticeable change over the years. Traditionally, someone who had aims to work in this sector became employed as soon as they left school and learned on the job. Research has discovered that around 30% of British-born construction workers are now over the age of 50. Although the industry is currently thriving in terms of workload, 87% of employers in 2017 found it difficult to recruit the skilled workers that they needed — but could you be the next success story?

Steel, Sustainability and the Circular Economy @LSF_Association

When considering sustainability in construction, steel may not be the first building material that comes to mind. After water, steel is the most recycled product on our planet, with research showing that 99% of structural steelwork is reused or recycled. The Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) is on a mission to ensure that all construction professionals are fully aware of the sustainability benefits and recognise that steel is the only permanent building material in the circular economy.

A sustainable circular economy is one which reduces the burden on nature by ensuring resources remain in use as long as possible. Steel is fundamental in achieving a circular economy – components can be remanufactured, reused or recycled. With a long service life, we may have to wait a hundred years or more for steel that is in use today to be recycled or reused. Steel is a vital material in the history of construction and although it may not be in our lifetime, every single element can be repurposed.

Why PVC Roof Windows are great for high humidity rooms, and perfect for everywhere else. @fakrogb

If you’re thinking of roof windows for a kitchen or bathroom, options that provide greater ventilation are essential. It’s important to maintain a constant airflow and breathe easy without the burden of condensation.

But what about for the rest of your home? High quality PVC roof windows come with features and benefits which can be applied in any room, from pitched roof windows in your loft conversion to flat roof windows in your extension.

’Aluprof Gives Light to Hayward Gallery’ @Aluprof_UK

Since opening in Summer 1968, the Hayward Gallery has earned its title as one of the worlds leading contemporary art galleries. Closed in September 2015 and open again in January 2018, the Gallery underwent an extensive  two year refurbishment programme. In May 2019 the refurbishment won the prestigious RIBA London Award Awards and RIBA the National Award 2019.

The main focus of the refurbishment was the replacement of sixty-six glass pyramid rooflights which were re-engineered to let controlled natural lighting into the upper galleries for the first time. The refurbishment was made possible by a grant from Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, trusts and foundations, and Southbank Centre friends supporting the ‘Let The Light In fundraising campaign.’


In its tenth year, Screwfix is proud to announce that its Britain’s Top Tradesperson competition is now open, and builders can put themselves forward for the top prize.

The annual competition by Screwfix, aims to celebrate the outstanding work and professionalism of UK tradespeople, resulting in one exceptional individual winning a £20k trade bundle, comprising of £10k worth of tools, £5k tech and £5k to go towards future training.

Screwfix will shortlist the UK’s top tradespeople to take part in a semi-final, before picking the top 10 finalists, who will travel to Screwfix LIVE at Farnborough to meet a panel of judges.

WMI Simpsons Ltd help The IPG Orbit the Moon! @ipg_the

From Monday 22nd July to Friday 26th July, some of The IPG members from across their extensive UK network, participated in an astronomical fundraising challenge.

In honour of The IPG’s partnered charity, Missing People #findeverychild, The IPG’s quest, through the help of their members, was to collectively cycle the circumference of the moon – an impressive 10,921km! –  to raise funds to help the cause in bringing missing children home to their families or to a safe place.

Justin Protheroe, Director of WMI Simpsons Ltd said ‘I wanted to take part in Orbit the Moon because as a proud member of The IPG it is important that we all support our group charity partner ‘Missing People’ to help find every child. Many voices are better than one and it is a fantastic charity that really goes above and beyond to bring these children back home or to a place of safety. My team and I are living and breathing this ride every minute of the day this week’

How to Attract and Retain Talented Workers on your Refurbishment and Shopfitting Project

Demand for construction workers is increasing and the Construction Industry Board predicts that 230,000 jobs need to be created over the next five years. Yet productivity in the industry has remained flat since 1995. Part of the problem can be put down to hiring under-skilled workers. With so many roles to fill and construction skills in such high demand, how can you attract the talented workers you need for your next refurbishment and shopfitting project?


The UK’s most popular living museum is using its newest attraction to deliver best practice in accessibility, and truly open its doors to everyone.

With a £10.9million grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Beamish is able to undertake its Remaking Beamish project, which includes a1950s Town at the Co Durham site.

Closomat- the UK’s leading provider of assisted accessible toilets- has supplied and installed the Changing Places therein, which enables people who need help- be it in the form of people and/or equipment- to maintain toilet hygiene.