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Refurb & Developer Update
Refurb & Developer Update - February 2016
Welcome to the Annual Review issue of Refurb & Developer Update. The publication that showcases some of the most exciting and innovative products, services & exhibitions within the building, design, landscaping, refurbishment and property development industry.
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Modern perforation technology used for historical surroundings
Founded in the 10th century, Glogów is one of the oldest towns in Poland. Adjacent to the Town Hall is the excavation site of a medieval cloth hall. To protect and preserve the excavation site, a building has been constructed with a facade of glass and perforated steel sheets from RMIG. Intricate perforation patterns have been used to depict medieval scenes – an excellent example of modern technology being used to create historical surroundings.
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Simply Saving Energy at SERVOMEX
The Project: Lighting refurbishment at SERVOMEX Office, Crowborough, East Sussex. The Brief: To install a lighting control system suitable for switching and dimming LED lighting panel s. The Solution: DANLERS ‘ControlZAPP’ the programmable lighting control.…
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demista™ and Cosyfloor™ ANOTHER UK SUCCES STORY!
Our athletes have been superb in recent years. We have the top golfer in the world. British actors come away with accolades galore. And the cache of products manufactured in the United Kingdom cannot be underestimated. The words Made in the UK or British Made stand for quality, reliability, value for money and style. So demistaTM heated mirror pads have proven to be the first choice for both the contract and domestic market.…
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TimbaCurer from Mighton Products
Mighton Products have continued their strategy of providing everything for the window manufacturer with the launch of their wood repair product, TimbaCurer.

The epoxy resin product has been designed as an adhesive filler specifically for the repair of wooden windows, doors and related products.
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Supplying waterside safety equipment since 1994
Although originally established as a company supplying safety equipment to the commercial shipping industry, I C Brindle & Co Ltd quickly diversified into supplying waterside safety equipment for a wide range of clients and has done so since 1994. The company supplies a wide range of equipment from lifebuoys, together with their attendant housings and mountings, to recovery equipment used to rescue persons from the water or in the worst case scenario recover their bodies.
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P C Henderson
The New Face of Graft ®
The GRAFT® range of all-purpose sealants, adhesives and fillers have re-branded. The goal was to create an all encompassing range of products that is easy to identify and associate with the job at hand. This was achieved by colour coding the packaging (yellow for internal applications, orange for external applications etc.) and adding unique application specific icons.
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Smith’s Caspian Concealed can hide its light under a bushel!
Smith’s Fan Convectors has launched the Caspian Concealed fan convector to join its range of Caspian commercial fan convectors. The Caspian Concealed will meet the needs of contractors and installers who require all the benefits of a fan convector but need to hide them discreetly within the fabric of the building they are heating.
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