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Refurb & Developer Update
Refurb & Developer Update - May 2017
Welcome to the May issue of Refurb & Developer Update. The publication that showcases some of the most exciting and innovative products, services & exhibitions within the building, design, landscaping, refurbishment and property development industry.
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Sustainable building with a little help from Magicman
CEO Mark Henderson talks about Magicman, their services for construction clients and how they can contribute to reducing landfill.


During the final phase of building work, with hand-over deadlines looming, there is inevitably a heightened risk of accidental damage to walls, doors, floors and fittings. …
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The London Loft Converters
The London Loft Converters
As London loft conversion specialists with over 30 years experience, Central London Lofts are the go-to company for when you want to make the most of your attic space. With a strong focus on customer service, our aim is to help you achieve the house of your dreams and maximise your living space. All we need to know is what you want!…
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Sonte UK
Smart Glass & Film specialise in adhesive switchable film installations. Known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film, this technology is based on LCD crystals sandwiched between layers of PET plastic film. When a current is applied to the film the crystals are aligned in the same direction and thus allow light to pass through but when switched off the crystals are misaligned with each other preventing light from passing through and thus the film turns opaque.…
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Le Petit
Glazing Vision – Le Petit Fort, Jersey
Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze fixed and circular rooflights were installed within a fortress-like home, located on the shore of St Ouen’s Bay in West Jersey, which has generated in equal measure both glowing accolades and highly negative critique since its completion. The austere, somewhat secretive looking castellated exterior walls hide the two spacious, modern interior wings of the property. These wings flank a central hinge, which houses the three-storey granite entrance block or ‘keep’ and the main staircase. It is above …
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The benefits of full factory finishing of architectural timber, combined with the use of translucent coatings to bring out the lustre of natural wood, are ideally highlighted in the construction of a new-build fire and rescue station in Lymm, Cheshire.…
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What Do You Do Once the Water Recedes?
Whilst the winter of 2016/17 saw most homes escape any serious flood events, for some the arrival of storms such as Doris and Ewan has acted as a firm reminder of the very real threat posed by the seemingly increasingly disruptive UK weather. For some still the events of December 2015 are also a recent, and painful memory, as a result of the havoc that storms Desmond, Eva and Frank wreaked on over 16,000 residential homes in England.…
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Property Care Association
Call in the experts for structural waterproofing projects
Freeing up underground space – either through new build projects or refurbishment works – can transform homes, creating flexible living opportunities which make the most of the land available underfoot. However, such works can be particularly sensitive to failures due to poor…
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Aliva UK
Technical expertise strikes gold
When architects Sheppard Robson commissioned Aliva UK to develop an eye-catching, 3D-effect façade in expanded mesh, the development needed our intensive technical expertise. The brief for Grafton Street car park was to extend the existing car park and create a striking…
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SR Saftey
The UK Construction industry has improved substantially on its Safety record over the last few decades, but certain Health issues in the industry are under some scrutiny at the moment. Respiratory complaints such as COPD and occupational Asthma caused by exposure to harmful dusts, gases and vapours are often not immediately…
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