Cold Weather Working With Snickers Workwear’s Sustainable Climate Control @SnickersWw_UK

Dressing right and staying comfortable when it’s cold and wet demands the best in Climate Control working clothes

Innovating the Floating Offshore Wind industry @thecrosbygroup

The Crosby Group’s comprehensive portfolio, engineering expertise, and ability to innovate is driving cost-savings at the point of use in floating wind energy applications.

FAD Equipment Store Customers Laud New Load Cell Apps

Users of Crosby Straightpoint load cells can download two new Bluetooth apps to capture data. The HHP and COLT3 Android or iOS apps are free-to-download and can be activated with a free activation code.

RSS Offers Verton Load Orientation Technology

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has been named a UK distributor of Verton’s load orientation products.

Verton is an innovative technology firm and inventor of the world’s first remote-controlled load orientation system, which makes taglines obsolete, removing the need for workers to be near moving or suspended loads. It is focused on providing scalable lifting solutions for the industry, whether it be for heavier and bulkier loads, reducing environmental impacts on operations, or providing actionable data for identifying opportunities for further reducing risks.

The Crosby Group Launch New App for Elevator Car Weighing and Balancing @thecrosbygroup

The Crosby Group announces the launch of the updated Crosby Straightpoint COLT3 Bluetooth app—with new elevator function—for use with its Clamp On Line Tensiometer (COLT). The app is free-to-download and can be activated with a free code.

Certex UK Wins Wind Farm Inspection Contract

Doncaster, UK-based Certex UK has won a major three-year contract for inspection and maintenance of over 150 turbine generators across two wind farms.


Rinnai’s Chris Goggin looks at some of the reasons why the UK media is favouring some energy vectors over others in the current era of transition to Decarbonisation and NetZero

Turbulent times produce added information which turns out to be not wholly true but more of a disguised agenda. We are all aware of the use and misuse of ‘Fake’ news and all of its companions. But we need to unite in our efforts to achieve decarbonisation as soon as it is pragmatic and realistic. UK consumers – plus contractors, consultants and all big commercial sites – should be aware that a strong international preference towards hydrogen is evident by the sheer level of international investment and that it is under reported by mainstream media outlets.

The Opening of Luma Arles – A Proud Moment for Rimex Metals

Looking back on the past year, Rimex Metals Group, a global manufacturer of specialised metal finishes, ranks its work with the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry on the Luma Arles Arts Centre, high on its list of accomplishments. The centrepiece of the arts centre is a tower clad with 11,000 irregularly arranged stainless steel panels manufactured by Rimex Metals, a company internationally recognised as a leader in its field of expertise.


A new report has revealed that green credentials are important for more than 80 per cent of those interested in living in a retirement development.

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Refurb & Developer Update