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Refurb & Developer Update is a monthly publication covering all the latest information, news, legislation, products & services for Residential & Commercial UK Developers, Builders, Contractors & Architects.

Being a digital publication, we can be read anywhere, anytime on a Computer, Tablet or Phone, so delivering up to the minute news & information for our ever changing industry.

There is a total of over 48,000 opt in subscribers covering all job titles and in all areas including RIBA Architects, Self-Builders, Contractors, Developers, House-Builders, Interior Designers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations.

We also have a monthly newsletter going out to just over 20,000 of the subscribers providing the top news stories of the month.

Whether you are in the trade, provide for, or are interested in the Developing Industry, Refurb & Developer Update is the perfect title.

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