Kinetico has bagged best Plumbing or Draining Product at the prestigious ‘Build It’ Magazine Awards 2018 with its Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener.

Says Mark Nepsted from Kinetico (Marketing Director Europe), “We’re thrilled to receive this award and our win really highlights the fact that a home water softener is now being recognised as an essential home appliance rather than an optional extra, especially in hard water areas.

“Water quality is fast becoming an issue and home buyers are demanding more from their tap water.  Kinetico’s aim is simply to provide ‘better water’ through the use of its water softening systems, which can be combined with its drinking filtration systems for the ultimate drinking water solution.

“A Kinetico Water System adds real value to the plumbing of any build and our exclusive trade deals make it inexpensive to supply whilst offering a real point of difference to the home owner.”

Commenting on the award, the Build It judging team said, “Kinetico’s Premier Compact water softener is a clever solution to a long-term maintenance issue that affects many self builders and renovators – helping to protect boilers and other appliances from the damaging, performance-hindering effects of hard water.”

The Kinetico Premier Compact non-electric operation offers greater reliability and fits neatly in kitchen cupboard. It features a twin tank ion-exchange water softening system, meaning a constant supply of soft water is guaranteed and limescale from hard water is permanently removed.  All the home owner needs to do is keep the system supplied with block salt.  The system is economical to use, only processing water when needed.  The limescale removal prolongs the life of home appliances such as boilers and washing machines, and offers savings of up to £400* a year on household detergents.

Kinetico invented the twin tank water softening system and is pleased to count the Savoy Hotel, the NHS and Buckingham Palace as customers.  For more information go to

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