Garden Trends 2019: Improving Your Outdoor Space

Although we’re not that far into 2019, the months are coming to a quick close. While last year saw the rise of the ecological gardens, asymmetrical scheme and wood-effect tiles, exactly what will this year have to offer? Here, we take a look at the potential trends that will sweep the nation in the coming months.

The use of smart lighting

Everyone wants to create an intricate atmosphere in their gardens — and many are using smart lighting to do this. The BBC’s Rich brothers suggest that you position lights up against trees so that it can create an uplight effect and draw your attention to a specific area of the garden.

Considered your very own treehouse (…for adults)?

Is your garden spacious? If so, you may be tempted to join the growing trend of adult treehouses. We’ve all heard of the ‘man cave’ and ‘she shed’, but 2019 is set to be the year of the adult treehouse. We love a getaway, and if you have an area that allows it, why not create a rustic-looking treehouse to escape to?

Everyone wants a hot tub

You may remember news stories from last year around shopping centres holding hot tub sales, shoppers went crazy for them. However, this year, you can expect a more permanent addition to gardens. With plastic decking providing the perfect platform for this little piece of luxury, sales are expected to continue to soar over the next 12 months.

Keep warm on chillier nights with a firepit

More people seem to be having friends round rather than having a night in the town, so sitting by a firepit could make for the perfect Friday night entertainment. While you might think of a fire pit as being an expensive addition to your space, think again. You can purchase mini pits for as little as £25 and the quirky idea can brighten up any area in which you entertain your guests. The heat that it provides will allow the party gathering to continue well into the night, meaning the cold evenings won’t even be able to put a dampener on your spirits.

Growing your own vegetables

We’ve always loved growing our own vegetables as a nation, ever since the war, but maybe it’s time to bring it back properly. The staple cabbage and tomatoes are still set to be homegrown, but it’s said that before long we will also be growing our own tea plants and herbs – great for our morning cuppa or gin and tonic!

Wallpaper in your garden?

Although it may sound controversial, wallpapering your outdoor space is set to become more popular and help you to bolden up your area. Believe it or You can stay on trend and match your paper with your surroundings, or you can mimic your personality and dazzle your guests with outlandish prints.

We all love something handmade!

There’s a lot of people wanting to make their garden their own with bespoke items. Like wallpapering, creating your own decorations will add your own personal stamp on your space and, with up-cycling becoming more popular in the home in recent years, it’s now time for the garden space to get a makeover.

Keep an eye out and see how many you spot over the next 12 months!

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