Smart Move: Bi-Fold Doors

Due to their aesthetically pleasing design and various other benefits that bi-fold doors bring to a property, their popularity is continuing to increase. The bi-fold doors market is expected to grow by 7% each year until 2020. Due to their impeccable design and security, it is likely their popularity will continue to soar for years after. It is no surprise that the bi-fold doors market is so healthy as studies show that they are an important aspect which new homebuyers’ value above a conservatory or new kitchen. Bi-fold doors are a smart move to make in both residential and commercial properties; their installation brings benefits ranging from increased property value, to modernising design and boosted security.  

Sleek design

Bi-fold doors are sleek, modern and low profile. Their aesthetically pleasing look and customisable design means they can be seamlessly integrated into almost any property. Available in configurations ranging from 2 to 8 panels, their low-profile design saves on valuable space and creates the illusion of a bigger room, as they open it up to the outside. Bi-folds come in a variety of different styles and finishes, meaning they can complement the buildings existing design features.

Seamless progression from the inside to the outside

Bi-fold doors allow continual progression from the inside space to the outdoors. On warmer days, fully opening the doors will welcome in the summers breeze and allow the occupants to enjoy the sun without having to venture outside.

Boost daylight

Bi-fold doors, normally installed in kitchens or living spaces, are a fantastic way to flood a room with light. Not only does maximising natural daylight improve the thermal efficiency of a property and reduce the energy bills, but it is fantastic to ensure occupants receive their daily Vitamin D fix, benefiting their health. This will contribute to lifting their mood, increasing energy levels and improved sleep.

Increased property value

The integration of bi-fold doors can be beneficial to both developers and homeowners looking to sell their home. Studies have shown that the addition of bi-fold doors to a property can increase its value by 5-10%. Bi-folds are a popular addition to homes and are desirable for new buyers seeking out a property purchase.

Improved security

Bi-fold doors offer enhanced security. The security elements of bi-folds are superior to traditional sliding doors and designs such as bi folding doors from Quickslide offer increased security through improved locking systems. Optional upgrades to ‘Secured by Design’ doors are also available for those looking to ensure maximum security.

Low maintenance

Aluminium is the most popular material for bi-fold doors. Not only do aluminium profiles ensure strength and durability, they are aesthetically pleasing and more reliable than other materials. Aluminium is a genuine life-long product and requires minimal maintenance, making it a desired option when investing in bi-fold doors.

The integration of bi-fold doors to both residential and commercial properties provides many benefits from health to security and safety; with their ability to increase property value it is no surprise they are predicted to remain a popular addition to any home.

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