The Used Kitchen Company Finds Its Efforts Haven’t Gone to Waste

Kitchen recycling pioneer, The Used Kitchen Company (  is urging homeowners to become even more eco-friendly during Zero Waste Week (September 2 to 6) having discovered solid foundations on which to increase green kitchen recycling behaviour.


An independent survey commissioned by TUKC ahead of Zero Waste Week discovered that a quarter of consumers say their main motivation in buying a used kitchen would be to do something “‘green’ and environmentally friendly”.

18% said that, if they were to recycle their own kitchen when planning a refurbishment, their main motivation would be to “help the planet, by reducing waste”.


TUKC, which started the concept of kitchen recycling 13 years ago, and which has championed the call for less kitchen waste to go to landfill totally unnecessarily, through the development of an easy-to-remember message of ‘Skip the Skip’, is buoyed up by these statistics. 

It also believes its focus on tangible waste-reduction is the right way to encourage more green recycling behaviour in the kitchen sector.  Nearly one in five people (19%) said that its ‘Skip the Skip’ message was “a catchy and easy-to-remember motto to encourage homeowners to think more about recycling their refurbishment waste”.


TUKC, which has already saved more than 12,000 tonnes of kitchen waste from heading to landfill is now determined to up the ante, following the survey’s encouraging insight into the British consumer’s green principles. 

TUKC’s CEO Looeeze Grossman says: “We have made enormous strides in gaining acceptance for the idea of kitchen recycling over the past 13.5 years. To have reached a position in which 25% of people would now buy a used kitchen as a gesture of support for the environment is truly phenomenal.  We shall work hard to get that figure even higher in the coming year. Our hard work has not been wasted!”


If you would like to help TUKC achieve its green goals, please visit to discover how the kitchen recycling process works or call 020 8349 1943.                                                                                                           

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