DANGEROUS DIY: THOUSANDS of Brits Are Turning to THESE Tasks During Lockdown

  • Brits’ favourite DIY project, with 62,310 searchesevery month, is building their own tables
  • 71%are aiming to complete DIY projects during lockdown, with 32% having already begun
  • Reupholstery is the second most popularDIY task with over 49,000 searches
  • 36% of Brits have had a DIY disaster, with the most common injury from contact with a power tool

With the UK now in lockdown, MyJobQuote were eager to discover the DIY tasks that millions of us will be getting up to with our newfound free time!

After surveying 2,000 Brits*, MyJobQuotefound that 71% are aiming to complete DIY projects throughout lockdown, with 32% stating they have already stared!

Despite, 36%admitting they have had a DIY disaster in the past, 81% believe this is the best chance they have had in the past year to give their home some much needed TLC.

They also discovered that power tool, ladder and lawnmower injuries cost the NHS a minimum of £1,867,520 per year. **

Of the 36% who have had a DIY disaster, 28% have been to A&E; the most common injuries were as follows:

  1. Contact with a power tool – 24%
  2. Falling from a ladder – 22%
  3. Contact with a non-power tool – 16%
  4. Electrocution – 9%
  5. Incident with a lawnmower – 6%

Most popular tasks:
After looking into popular DIY trends, MyJobQuoteanalysed search volumes to see which DIY projects Brits will be digging into – hopefully providing some inspiration along the way.



Number of searches***
1 DIY table 62,310
2 Reupholster 49,330
3 DIY Painting 31,430
4 DIY doors 27,660
5 DIY cabinets 18,860
6 DIY desk 16,330
7 DIY flooring 15,130
8 DIY bench 14,700
9 DIY lamp 13,900
10 DIY ornaments 13,570
11 DIY chairs 13,206
12 DIY mirror 12,260
13 DIY shelves 11,870
14 DIY curtains 10,600
15 DIY headboard 10,070
In total, ‘DIY table’ had the most monthly searches(62,310), making it Brits favourite project. After breaking it down, MyJobQuote found that ‘DIY coffee tables’ was the most popular, with 5,480 searches, and 62% stating they would be interested in creating their own!

‘Reupholster’ was the second most popular, with over 49,000 searches and 39% of respondents wanting to attempt the project during lockdown.

Following this was ‘DIY painting’ (31,430 searches) – 37% state this is on their to-do list. Monthly, there are 920 searches for ‘DIY furniture painting’, showing it is the most popular paint job, followed by ‘DIY kitchen painting’ (620 searches).

Lisa Evans, spokesperson for MyJobQuote, has provided tips on how we can stay safe when completing projects at home:

  • Avoid any tasks that you are not 100% comfortable with, especially if they involve heights or tools/materials you haven’t used before
  • Wear the correct clothing and protective equipment
  • If you are home alone, make sure someone knows you are embarking on DIY tasks
  • Make sure you have all of the materials required as many merchants are closed
  • If you do attempt to carry out any DIY on delicate/complex plumbing and/or electrical components/fixtures, then do take extra care because any faults may leave you without heating, water and/or electricity for a prolonged period of time
  • YouTube can be your friendwhen learning about how best to tackle jobs around the home
  • If in doubt,leave it for a more suitable time where the NHS can accommodate should things go wrong


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