Antibacterial Surfaces from Staron @UKStaron

Renowned for offering a vast array of solid surfaces for use within the home, healthcare and hospitality sectors, Staron’s unique surface structure delivers a material with outstanding performance capabilities.

Providing an exquisitely smooth surface, separate sections of the material are combined through indistinguishable joins, offering total flexibility when it comes to design. Creating the perfect seamless fit, the invisible joints ensure that no rims or crevices remain and that no grout is needed. The completely seamless material therefore prevents the growth of bacteria, providing an extremely hygienic and easy to clean surface.

Non porous and exceptionally durable, surfaces from Staron suppress mold and germs and are impervious to moisture. Staron can be used in any environment; providing homeowners, businesses and medical industrials with peace of mind that they’re choosing the very best surface for their needs.

With a vast array of colours and patterns to choose from, white is the most hygienic choice. With dirt dust and marks more visible to the eye, white also evokes feelings of purity and cleanliness, for the ultimate germ-free surface.

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