Local shops for local people…. @ipg_the

Local shops for local people…. @ipg_the

During the current pandemic, now more than ever local retailers (and businesses) need your help to continue to serve the community. Small and independent retailers are important to the economic fabric of our society and are at the heart of our communities, it is important that we get behind them and show our support – we all play a part in their existence.

Why does The IPG support Independents? With a network of over 200 carefully selected member locations nationwide, The IPG encourages, plumbers, installers, and homeowners to shop locally and buy all their plumbing, heating, and bathroom goods from their local independent retailers (online and offline).

Why? Because local independents can be like a breath of fresh air, bringing much-needed originality and variety into communities. They are the backbone of our economy, run by local people, and you cannot beat the personal touch of an owner who knows the area. They tend to learn more about their customers and are much more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty, helping when they can, often giving you more choice and variety.

Working with many brands from across the plumbing, heating, and bathroom sector, The IPG members can provide the same types of deals, if not better, then many well-known chains. What is more, when spending with local independent retailers, the money tends to stay in your community, which means other businesses and people in the area benefit.

Small independent businesses are much better at acting fast and adapting to a changing market and IPG members are no exception. They have been able to change their plans or strategy much faster than larger competitors, with many demonstrating some amazing examples of reworking their businesses to offer essential services or goods during these unusual times.

Nike Lovell, IPG’s Head of Marketing said; “It is testament to the resolve of our members that they reacted quickly to Covid-19 challenges, adapting their businesses so they could continue to service and support their customers. Many have implemented ingenious new ways to continue trading and to evolve, whilst safeguarding customers and staff.”

She went on to say: “ We have seen some amazing examples of business acumen; members have been very creative to ensure they have new ways of safely maintaining a high level of support to their neighbourhoods.”

How can you help? If you have a local store that you support, look them up on social media platforms and follow and share with your friends and family, this will help grow their exposure. You can also help your independent to build trust with others, by giving a review on-line.

It takes passion and dedication to run a small independent business, so shop local, buy from an independent and support your community. 

Visit the website – https://www.the-ipg.co.uk/

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