NBS is proud to announce the launch of its new podcast series – Digital Construction Conversations. Episode one is out! @theNBS

NBS, the leading digital construction data platform, has launched its brand new NBS Podcast – Digital Construction Conversations.

The monthly podcast features prominent built environment figures from the worlds of design, sustainability, policy, and change management. Author, architect, and NBS’s Head of Technical Solutions, Paul Swaddle, hosts the podcast and will interview a new guest about key topics and their inspiring work and career.

Listeners can expect candid conversations, insightful views and useful approaches to the future of construction. The first episode, features an interview with Jon Arnott, Director of Digital Practice at global design and urbanism practice, Broadway Malyan.

The thought-provoking first episode talks about Jon’s journey in architecture, training, and technology. He shares his experience in making digital transformation work across remote teams working on real projects, upskilling designers with a range of needs, and how he made the shift from design into an operational, change management role.

Paul and Jon discuss the importance of standardisation, and trying to stay positive in stressful situations.

The podcast has a fascinating series of guests lined up from across the construction industry. The next episode, out on the 1st of April, will feature Miranda Sharp, Lead for the Commons Streams of the National Digital Twin Programme.

“The new podcast aims to be a joyful and informative look at the future of digital construction and appeal to listeners from outside the industry interested in technology, design, and management. We hope it will encourage more people to explore fresh and dynamic NBS content.  

Every month I will be speaking to key industry figures and asking them to explain their approach to the work they do and their hopes and visions for the future.” said Paul 

The podcast is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and other online platforms.

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