With the UK experiencing a home and landscaping renovation boom, ACO Water Management has launched its easy-to-install gravel stabilising ground reinforcement system, GravelGuard.

Stabilisation systems play an important role in projects that incorporate gravel, addressing issues such as gravel drifting and rutting, through to membrane moving and water ponding on non-porous surfaces. ACO’s new GravelGuard includes features that combat these problems, as well as speeding up installation and reducing maintenance for years to come.

Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, it is designed to facilitate unimpeded drainage of surface water, while simultaneously ensuring gravel stability for pedestrian and vehicle access. It is suited to a range of applications, including driveways, garden paths, public spaces, and roof surfaces.

One of the defining features of GravelGuard is the incorporated geo-textile membrane, which helps to reduce weed growth, and crucially speeds up installation by not requiring the installation of two separate layers of membrane and grid. This integrated filter fleece can be easily cut to fit irregular edging, saving project time in what is likely to prove a busy summer for builders and landscapers.

Oliver Collins, Product Marketing Manager – Building + Landscape at ACO Water Management, comments: “The home improvement trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with a recent survey of 1,000 homeowners by showing 76% of respondents had spent money on renovations. While this is great for industry, it does highlight the importance of providing products that make life as easy as possible in projects.

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“GravelGuard has been designed with this in mind, and its versatility means that it is suitable for a number of domestic applications. Details such as the incorporated geo-textile, which ensures a separate membrane does not have to be installed, are integral to the overall benefit of the product.”

With a load bearing capacity of up to 300 tonnes per square metre when filled, ACO’s GravelGuard is perfect for domestic applications. It can also be used on gradients of up to 10%, by pinning down the tiles using the incorporated stabilising points.

Oliver concludes: “From an end-user point of view, the most important factor of any drainage product is performance. ACO GravelGuard achieves this through unimpeded surface water flow, helping gravel stay in place and by minimising weed growth.

“For builders, contractors, and landscapers, the ease with which products can be effectively installed is critical. By designing the versatile ACO GravelGuard to be appropriate for a range of applications, dimensions, and gradients, ACO aims to make the stabilisation of gravel as simple as possible.”

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