2023 – Top Picks for Wastewater and Sewage Pumping Systems

2023 – Top Picks for Wastewater and Sewage Pumping Systems

Here are the very latest product developments and services for 2023 selected by leading Berkshire based independent wastewater and sewage pumping specialist Pump Technology Ltd.   

Benchmark for commercial sewage pumping. EffluMaxi / Compli 400.

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The EffluMaxi / Compli sewage lifting station, manufactured by Jung Pumpen GmbH, is now easier to install and maintain. The latest version features height adjustable, sliding, clamping, inlet flange (Stepless) and multiple inlet connection options. It also has a variable discharge branch (DN80 or DN100), a low weight, rotatable, non-return valve and buoyancy fixing protection without having to move the unit. The integrated tank volute provides better flow behavior, no corrosion and less clogging.

An updated control panel adds features such as a maintenance interval display and additional connection for an extra, remote high-level alarm.

Pump Technology is the largest Authorized Distributor of Jung Pumpen GmbH products in the UK

Duty/standby wastewater pumping system. Flexible installation, more reliable operation. The New DrainKing

The New DrainKing, duty standby wastewater pumping system, incorporating Jung Pumpen pumps, improves reliability and is easier to operate and maintain.

By eliminating traditional cable hung on/off floats and utilising the pumps’ own proven rigid float arms with large triangular low-level floats, pump control is simplified and improved. The rigid float arm and large float is far less prone to clogging by debris, hence stop/start of the pump is always more reliable.

Utilizing the pumps own successful float arm design also means invert levels in to the DrainKing are now lowered considerably making positioning of the pumping system more flexible since it is now easier to get the specified pipe gradient into the tank. Previously the minimum invert level was 260mm, now it can be as low as 120mm with the Jung Pumpen UK6 pumps fitted.

The DrainKing comes with its own pump station control panel. This cycles the duty pump, actions standby pump and alarm. The panel has three, volt free contacts for connect to a BMS system.

5% Discount and Exclusive “Other Brand” Offers when you join the FlushMaster Fan Club! 

Pump Technology Ltd have just set up the FlushMaster Fan Club. Installers who order two or more of their unique and popular FlushMasters, together or individually, within a 12-month period will receive a 5% discount for all ongoing FlushMaster orders, plus exclusive offers for other brands such as Saniflo and Whale.

When fitting a toilet without gravity drainage, the usual solution is a Saniflo macerator pump, however sometimes the necessary discharge pipework run is convoluted and outside the recommended limits for these products.

In these situations, the solution is the FlushMaster from Pump Technology Ltd. Just like the Saniflo it fits neatly directly onto the back of the toilet or can be fitted alongside behind removable bathroom panelling.

The FlushMaster is fitted with a Jung Pumpen pump featuring a vortex free flow impeller. The hydraulic pumping performance for this pump means the waste pipe can be run in many ways: Horizontally first, a double lit or up a slope. Not simply straight up from the outlet of the pump.

Many plumbers and installers consider the FlushMaster as the only solution when faced with challenging installation problems.

The FlushMaster is simple to install and operate. In the event of blockage, a high-level alarm will be activated. To unblock the pump, the pump can be reversed by simply placing a screwdriver into the top of the pump shaft and rotating it. The object will usually fall away into the bottom of the tank. If the blockage still persists, then the pump can be easily removed without disconnecting the tank from either the toilet or discharge pipework.

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Engineered sewage pumping stations. PumpMatic

For commercial buildings, a standard pumping station might not always provide the required solution, site elevations, multiple inlets, tank sizing considerations, pump selection or control panel requirements. All require careful and qualified consideration. Remedial work can be difficult and costly.

Pump Technology Ltd’s in-house, qualified drainage consultant Steve Murphy will specify the correct site-specific pumping station, ensuring the best technical and commercial package to give the required and reliable pumping operation. The pumping stations are manufactured by Pump Technology Group company Pegasus Pumps, therefore specification, manufacture and delivery is controlled inhouse, quality and on time delivery are assured. 

New Saniflo online webshop

The site features domestic and commercial Saniflo pumping systems with prices regularly match checked.

Now with the launch of the www.saniflo-pumpshop.co.uk online web shop, customers can self-select and have the convenience of online shopping, easily compare prices for best buy and have confidence our products are in stock, ready for next day delivery, carriage included. (Mainland UK only)

If you do have any questions before purchase, the Pump Technology Ltd team know all about Saniflo products (historically we operated their helpline) and the same staff are on hand today to assist you. 

Pump Technology Ltd’s full range of products includes: –

Sewage, wastewater and pressurised water pumps from all major manufacturers – generally, in stock and ready for next day delivery




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