West Fraser’s CaberShieldPlus – builders’ questions answered

West Fraser’s CaberShieldPlus – builders’ questions answered

What is CaberShieldPlus?

It’s a chipboard flooring panel, in 18mm or 22mm thickness, with a useful permanent waterproof, protective layer on the top and bottom of the panel.

Is 60 days exposure proven? And what does it mean?

Yes, previously boasting 42 days, this panel is now BBA-certified for 60 days exposure to the elements. BBA certification means that the product has undergone extensive testing, so it is safe and proven and meets a top-quality standard.

Once CaberShieldPlus is fixed and sealed, as long as installation instructions were followed, the boards can be left exposed for up to 60 days. The floor will remain strong and secure and be protected from water, mess from other trades, foot traffic and bad weather; the builder has 60 days to get the building watertight!

How does a contractor get BBA approval?

The panel must be installed as per West Fraser’s installation guides and CaberFix D4 adhesive needs to be used. The panel board has not been tested with any other adhesive and, therefore, using anything else will void the guarantee. CaberFix D4 is a one-bottle solution foaming adhesive that fixes the board to joists, T&G joints, seals the edges and any cutouts.

From August 2024, training is required for the use of substances containing diisocyanates.  Free training for the use of PU adhesives in accordance with REACH regulations can be access here: https://uk.westfraser.com/safe-handling-training-for-pu-adhesives/

Where can the builder buy CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4?

You’ll find both in most builders’ merchants across the UK. Stockists of West Fraser products can be found at https://uk.westfraser.com/stockists/ and installation guides are downloadable at https://uk.westfraser.com/resources/help-advice/installation-instructions/

What are the benefits of using a product like CaberShieldPlus?

The system has been specifically designed for buildings where the roof still has not been installed or before the building is watertight. With a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides, the flooring is BBA-certified for exposure to construction work and the elements for 60 days when fixed with CaberFix D4 adhesive. After work is complete, the floor is easily cleaned.

How does CaberFix D4 glue stack up against cheaper alternatives?

CaberFix D4 glue is of high quality and fully tested and approved by the BBA.  It is important to remember that users will only receive the BBA guarantee when using CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4 together.

What percentage of the boards are made from recycled material?

The CaberFloor range of flooring is approximately 70% recycled wood. 30% fresh wood is used to give the board its stability and structural properties. 

Samples of all West Fraser construction panels, which are manufactured in Scotland, can be ordered on the website Uk.westfraser.com Head to the housebuilder page on the website to download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all West Fraser products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit Uk.westfraser.com

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