New AI tool to accelerate air quality assessments

New AI tool to accelerate air quality assessments

The specialist air quality company Airly has announced the launch of a new AI tool that has been developed to revolutionise the work of air quality consultants, and dramatically accelerate the production of air quality assessments in planning and development proposals.

“Working closely with air quality consultants, we have utilised the power of AI to dispense with the requirement to manually search for local geographic, environmental and transport data and to then generate reports,” explains Airly Product Lead Marta Steiner. “These are time-consuming, repetitive, and frankly boring tasks, so it makes a lot of sense to automate them and free up consultants for work that actually needs their expertise.”

The tool has been developed in strict accordance with the guidance provided by Environmental Protection UK and the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) in their document, “Land-Use Planning & Development Control: Planning for Air Quality”, which has ensured that Airly AI follows all the relevant standards.

Airly CEO Wiktor Warchalowski says: “We believe that the impact of this new AI tool in air quality will be similar to that of CAD software in the engineering sector. With the benefit of Airly AI, air quality consultants will lower costs and save time. In addition, their work will become more interesting and enjoyable, allowing them to optimise the use of their skills and experience, whilst delivering faster outcomes from planning applications.”

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