British Drilling Association Welcomes Mark Toye as New Chair

British Drilling Association Welcomes Mark Toye as New Chair

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to announce that Mark Toye has been appointed as its new Chair, effective immediately (10th May 2024). With a robust background in geology and engineering geology, Mark Toye is well-positioned to lead the BDA through an era of innovation and environmental stewardship in the drilling sector.

Mark has over two decades of experience in the industry, having worked on numerous high-profile projects that have honed his expertise in strategic planning and project management. His leadership style, characterised by a commitment to collaboration and excellence, is expected to invigorate the association’s initiatives.

“As the new Chair of the BDA, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the drilling industry,” Mark comments. “My focus will be on harnessing innovative technologies and sustainable practices that not only improve our operational efficiency but also protect the environment in which we operate”.

Emphasising the importance of sustainability, Mark plans to spearhead initiatives aimed at minimising the carbon footprint associated with drilling activities. He is an advocate for rigorous safety standards and is dedicated to enhancing skills development across the industry, ensuring that workforce training keeps pace with technological advancements.

Mark Toye – BDA Chair


Further, Mark intends to strengthen the BDA’s focus on quality assurance by promoting the BDA Audit program. This program is crucial for maintaining high industry standards, ensuring compliance with client expectations, and aligning with regulatory frameworks.

Looking to the future, Mark is enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities in sectors, such as hydrogen, carbon capture and geothermal energy. “The potential for growth in these areas is immense, and they align perfectly with our mission to evolve the drilling industry into a more sustainable and economically resilient sector,” says Mark.


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