Bauer Technologies Secures Transformative Ardersier Port Project

Bauer Technologies Secures Transformative Ardersier Port Project

Bauer Technologies has been awarded the quay wall contract for the revitalisation of Ardersier Port near Inverness, Scotland.

The multimillion-pound project, awarded by Haventus, begins in May 2024. Specifically, the project will require Bauer to install diaphragm walls for the front quay and rear anchor walls. These structures, crucial for the port’s operational efficiency and safety, underscore the ambitious scale of the project. The front quay wall, with its impressive depth of up to 42 meters and widths ranging between 1,200mm and 1,500mm, and parallel to a rear anchor wall, up to 27 meters deep and 1,000mm wide, represents a significant undertaking in enhancing the port’s capabilities.

Ardersier Port

The transformation of Ardersier Port is set to play a significant role in invigorating the local economy, with the potential to enable hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and re-skilling opportunities in the community and will provide a key facility in delivering the UK’s 50GW offshore wind energy target by 2030. Its strategic location, combined with enhanced operational capabilities, positions Ardersier Port as a key player in Scotland’s offshore wind deployment capability.

Speaking about the project, Bauer Technologies MDs’, Paul Doyle and John Theos, commented: “The redevelopment of Ardersier Port is a landmark project both in scale and in its approach to ensuring sustainability.

As well as being the largest UK brownfield port redevelopment project, the project has received praise for its environmental sensitivity and for delivering real benefits to the local community. It aligns perfectly with Bauer’s sustainability ideals and ethos, and we are keen to demonstrate these practices on what will ultimately be a transformative undertaking.”


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