Cutting edge architects partner with Zappar to deliver 3D virtual projects to mobile devices

Augmented reality brings to life 3D BIM model environment in a more consumer friendly way

London, 17th March 2015 – Zappar, a leader in augmented reality experiences has today announced its partnership with leading London-based architect, HLM to deliver its latest marketing collateral with augmented content.

 At the forefront of design, HLM’s design processes are already carried out in a full 3D BIM (building information modelling) environment, embodying attributes such as information on construction and materials, thermal and energy performance evaluation and facilities management processes. Zappar’s role working alongside HLM has been to add an AR element to key aspects of existing model content which will give the user an enhanced 3D experience of the proposed design but in a user friendly way that non-experts can understand; thus making it possible for clients to have a convenient means of accessing their own fully 3D ‘virtual projects’ available on their mobile device to interact with.

HLM’s newly launched Development Sector brochure launched at MIPIM, the international real estate show will be the first to have augmented reality experiences embedded. Available on Android and iOS the free to download Zappar app, allows viewers to hover their mobile device over the zapcodes presented on pages throughout the brochure to unlock exclusive content such as a video animation of The Woolwich Centre and a 3D structure of one of the buildings which comprise the new Enderby Wharf scheme on Greenwich Peninsula. The structures, viewable in day or night mode, feature a fading ‘tiered’ lobby and residential level stack which users are able to engage with, switching from a ground level point-of-view to a 360 degree view using the gyro on their mobile device. Similarly the William Sutton Estate page will unveil the full scheme but this time block by block, to animate full colour floorplans of the five penthouses, demonstrating specific marketing material for these properties, which are expected to produce high values and fund the creation of a large development of social housing on the same site.

Max Dawes, Partnership Director at Zappar said: “More and more partners are discovering that AR can provide a practical solution in delivering complex or detailed information in limited spaces, as well as enhancing user engagement. Working with HLM makes absolute sense to us, their content is phenomenal and to have the opportunity to bring some of that to life is a great project for us.”

David Cafferty, Director at HLM said: “I am not aware of another architectural practice using augmented reality so we’re really excited to be at the cutting edge of this technology with such a fantastic partner. We needed a simple way to deliver complex data to clients in an easy to understand way and Zappar’s AR has helped us do exactly that.”

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