Revealed: What People In The UK Think Is The Perfect Home

As a nation we are obsessed by property, but what does the UK’s dream home look like? A new survey by Property Report experts has revealed what the ideal home would actually look like. The researched questioned over 1,000 people on where their ideal home would be located, how many bedrooms it would have and additional features that would make it their dream home.

The vast majority of respondents – 72% – would choose a detached house as their ideal home, and the most popular architectural style, selected by 42%, is modern. This modern, detached property would benefit from five bedrooms – the ideal number according to respondents – plenty of accommodation for friends to stay without it feeling like a hotel.

Respondents differed in their choice of ideal location, with town, seaside and countryside being equally popular. City centres was less appealing, with few respondents choosing this location.  The survey also revealed that people really would like a swimming pool in their dream home, with a massive 81% of people picking it as their must-have luxury item.

Product director for Dominic Blackburn commented; “There are a lot of factors people consider when buying a house, your dream home may differ quite dramatically from where you actually end up living. With Property Report it is important for us to give you as much useful information as possible, for example, valuations, crime and school data all help people make more informed choices, to help make sure property seekers end up with their dream home.”

Other important criteria for the perfect home included being located near a Waitrose – the most popular supermarket in the survey – and a coffee shop; living near a coffee shop was considered more important than being located near to a pub or post office.

Having researched what people think the perfect home looks like, we think we have actually found one that fits the bill!  This five-bedroom home currently available for sale in Poole fits all the requirements for the perfect home and is currently for sale, see attached Property Report for details.

Ticking all the boxes, this five-bedroom detached property features all the requirements of the perfect home, including a swimming pool and is located just 2 miles from a Waitrose. The good news is the perfect home does exist; the bad news is it will set you back £7.5 million.

If you are thinking of moving you can download a Property Report and instantly receive a detailed report on any home in England and Wales regardless of whether it is currently on the market or not. The report including details such as who owns the property, whether it is subject to a mortgage, how much they paid for the property, current valuations, local crime rates and school statistics.

*What makes the perfect home?

·         Five Bedrooms

·         Swimming pool

·         Detached

·         Close to a Waitrose

·         Countryside/Town/Seaside location

·         Close to a coffee shop



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