World First for the Manufacturing Industry

In a world first for the manufacturing industry, the Origin Window, a bespoke aluminium system can now be fabricated and delivered without a traditional lead time. This process is set to revolutionise the way in which the industry views lead times on bespoke products.

By applying the principles of Dr Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to its manufacturing model, leading British manufacturer Origin has introduced the Origin Window to its revolutionary ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ (YLTNO) promise.

YLTNO gives the partner the option of specifying the window’s required delivery date at the point of ordering, which means that installation scheduling can be done with far more certainty, and cash flow is improved due to not having to wait from ordering to installing. Customers on tighter deadlines can also be catered for, allowing more projects to be taken on, leading to more profit.

As the only organisation in the world that can guarantee this promise on bespoke products, it allows its partners to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

Andy Halsall, MD at Origin, comments: “We first introduced our ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ delivery promise on the Origin Bi-fold Door, which revolutionised the fenestration industry’s manufacturing and lead times standard. The logical next step was to bring the Origin Window in line with this, but manufacturing a window is more complicated than a bi-fold door. It can come in a variety of sizes and configurations of squares, so the manufacturing process is unique each time a window is made. So, as with everything we do at Origin, we wanted to ensure we were 100 per cent confident in our offering, before launching it to our partners. We are now at that stage, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our partners, and to see how much disruption it will cause in an already innovative marketplace.”

Origin has invested over £350,000 in introducing the Origin Window to its YLTNO promise, predicting that it is going to have a significant impact on the way the fenestration industry operates moving forward. This investment includes leasing additional space to house the increased levels of stock being kept on site. This means that Origin has a contingency plan in place, and is not reliant on any third parties to ensure that the 100 per cent record Origin currently boasts stays intact.

New equipment, from saws and blades through to CNC machines, were needed to further expand operations and to make sure there is spare kit that be called upon if necessary. Two sites have been merged to create a bigger, more usable space, and the production line has been redesigned to help increase productivity. This has been done by realigning the systems in place, and situating buffers next to the fabricators, helping to stabilise the process if any fluctuations in ordering are experienced.

Alongside the significant investment, Origin is implementing the same processes as with the Origin Bi-fold Door to ensure the Origin Window experiences the same successes. By introducing a flow-line system, it gives each factory worker a defined role in the production process, making it more effective and efficient. It will also add a ‘traffic light’ system, which ranks orders by urgency. This flags the orders under the strictest time constraints and allows Origin to systematically work through orders via priority.

Halsall concludes: “With numerous companies boasting products with unique USPs, it is imperative to be able to offer more. The Origin Window is manufactured bespoke in the UK, quality checked at every stage, offers a 20-year guarantee, boasts an A++ energy rating and is a certified 0.9 U-Value with space age technology, Aerogel, but we still strive to improve. Adding it to our YLTNO is a major step forward for the company, and is something that sets us above the rest in an increasingly crowded market. With no one else being able to offer this kind of service, we are unrivalled and unmatched in terms of quality product, standard of service and lead-time. We look forward to seeing the impact this move has on Origin as a brand, and also the wider manufacturing industry.”

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