New intelligent parcel boxes a game changer for real estate managers

The ecommerce industry in the UK is booming, resulting in a staggering amount of parcels needing to be managed effectively. This is a significant issue for real estate managers, who are having to try to sort a growing number of parcels with a limited amount of time and storage space.

Recognising this issue, The Safety Letterbox Company – the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of secure mail solutions – has launched a new range of products designed to revolutionise parcel management and subsequently make the lives of real estate managers far easier.

As part of the German Group RENZ – a European leader in mail and parcel delivery – The Safety Letterbox Company, based in Neath, has launched its new high-tech range of parcel box products, which are the first of their kind to be introduced to the UK market. The innovative products have been developed to cater to the increasing popularity of online shopping, providing greater efficiency and convenience surrounding parcel management.

A report by PwC for the Royal Mail suggests the UK parcel market will reach approximately 2.3 billion items by 2023. Business-to-customer parcel shipments by companies to private individuals are the biggest market, with over half of parcel shipments being delivered to private individuals. An effective means of managing this rise in parcels is therefore imperative for real estate managers to relieve the burden of more and more incoming parcels for residents.

Closed systems currently exist for parcel deliveries between a single parcel delivery service and consumers. However, The Safety Letterbox Company is responding to a gap in the market for an open system for parcel delivery and returns solutions. Any delivery service can deposit a parcel via the intelligent parcel boxes and those receiving their parcel can collect it from the parcel box unit 24/7. This drastically reduces the need for real estate workers to receive and store parcels for their residents.

The intelligent E-Concierge Box units – which can be installed in all manner of buildings and combined with mailboxes – enable residents to receive and send parcels with ease from their own residence, making it an attractive feature for the real estate sector. They also remove the inconvenience of having to return a parcel to the post office or via another inefficient returns method as the parcel box units provide a returns option.

Through implementing the latest technology, complex logistical processes can be easily managed through the creation of the integrated myRENZbox system. This online system uses the RENZ internet portal, myRENZ app and the unit’s touch screen display functions so building managers, residents, parcel delivery services and other service providers can network with ease around deliveries and collections. Parcel box occupancy can be monitored online, so authorised parties know whether a box is available or not. This feature means building managers can contact residents through the system to inform them that a parcel has been left in a parcel box unit for a significant period, therefore prompting collection.

Through the E-Concierge Box system, residents are authenticated by the myRENZ app, electronic key chip or by inputting a personal PIN via the unit’s touch screen display. It is then possible to select between ‘collection’, ‘return shipment’ or ‘delivery’ functions for the required service.

This latest launch extends The Safety Letterbox Company’s impressive offering of high-end, secure and innovative products and services. Parcel boxes can be stylishly designed by The Safety Letterbox Company in a range of materials and colours to suit the look of the desired residence.

Alison Orrells, managing director of The Safety Letterbox Company, said:

“We are reacting to current trends by bringing these intelligent technologies to market. Parcel boxes are becoming increasingly important in real estate management and user feedback from apartment blocks equipped with Renz E-Concierge Box units shows they have been well received by residents.

“Issues surrounding storage space and time being spent by building managers to handle a large amount of parcels, are near eliminated with the parcel box system. People can now collect their online purchases around the clock via these secure, intelligent parcel box systems. The system is incredibly flexible and will therefore make the lives of real estate managers far easier, providing a better quality service for all.”

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