RMIG City Emotion Spirit

The City Is Not Just About Buildings …

RMIG City Emotion Concept

The city or any urban area is not just about buildings but a place for emotion and the aesthetic appeal requires our full attention. City Emotion by RMIG is for everyone who decides to prioritise the “beautiful” and innovative. RMIG’s City Emotion captures the passion for creative urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. RMIG can help you realise the most ambitious architectural projects, the projects that will give the conurbation all its emotional value.

Our City Emotion Approach

  • Takes you from conception (how can I use perforated materials?)
  • Through visualisation (what material, pattern, appearance do I want?)
  • To sampling (what does it look like?)
  • To final product manufacture

RMIG City Emotion will be your solution in the design of your facades, sun screens, balustrades, ceilings or any project where you want to utilise perforation

RMIG City Emotion is all about peace of mind

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Tel: 01925 839610

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