Perforated metal in modern architecture

The creative use of perforated metal in urban design shapes the framework of our surroundings. Perforated metal offers a whole new level of freedom for designers and architects who want to influence the cityscape of tomorrow and breathe new life into urban areas.

Versatility and functionality

Perforated metal offers a unique versatility and functionality when it comes to design, material and use. A good example is the use of perforated metal as decorative facade cladding, where it also serves as an efficient sun screen that does not require power or manual adjustment to work.

Using perforated metal as a decorative part of buildings, interiors and facades creates countless possibilities. To assist professionals within the building sector to obtain the best possible results, RMIG has established a complete process that gives the needed support. RMIG’s perforation experts are there to offer advice and guidance for the whole journey – from the conception of the idea to the choice of materials, patterns and finishing treatments to the final product manufacture.

RMIG case studies

Among the many projects where perforation has been used in urban design the following two multi-storey car parks are recent examples of the functionality and versatility of perforated metal.

MSCP Victoria Street

Multi-storey car park, Liverpool

When designing the facade of the MSCP in Victoria Street, Liverpool, the architects wanted to pay tribute to the city’s fishing industry and decided on a modern interpretation of the fishnet pattern. Thanks to RMIG ImagePerf technology, it was possible to reproduce the design on to the 243 perforated sheets that made up the facade, covering an area of 800 m2.
In addition to the perforated facade cladding, RMIG also supplied expanded metal for the ground level of the MSCP. Both the perforated sheets and expanded metal provide the necessary ventilation and light for a facility of this kind.

Technical characteristics

Raw material: Aluminium 1050
Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf
Thickness: 3.0 mm
Finishing operations: Folding and cutting
Surface treatment: Powder coating

MSCP Time Square, Bridge Street

Multi-storey car park, Warrington, Cheshire

As part of the redevelopment of Bridge Street in Warrington, Cheshire, a multi-storey car park has been constructed, providing the town with more than 1,000 much-needed  parking spaces. This massive eight-storey car park has a remarkable facade made from an astonishing 3,500 m2 of perforated sheets manufactured and supplied by RMIG, with RMIG ImagePerf technology being used to create the vivid perforated patterns.

Technical characteristics

Raw Material: Outer Skin -Aluminium J57S Anodised  Inner Skin – Raw material: Aluminium EN 1050

Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf
Thickness: 3.0 mm
Finishing operations: Folding
Surface treatment: Powder coating

Going from strength to strength…

To individualise and strengthen its design and architectural efforts, RMIG has chosen to market their creative solutions under the name of City Emotion. The RMIG City Emotion concept has already been used for a wide range of projects all over Europe, providing invaluable experience for the future.

Building further on these achievements, RMIG continues to explore and develop the many different ways to use perforation in modern design, and to this end, they collaborate closely with architects, designers and entrepreneurs to conceive new and bold ideas that will influence the shape of our cities.

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