Fire Stop Tool-Kit for choosing the right products for your passive fire protection applications

Selecting and installing a fit for purpose fire stop system in new and existing buildings can be a minefield. Getting it wrong can have potential devastating consequences and loss of live. Off the shelf “standard” products which offer “up to x hours” of fire resistance cannot be applied to all your firestop applications. Therefore, for reliable firestop resistance applications you must choose the right products that are fit for purpose. This responsibility is not confined to specialist sub-contractors. Architects, Main Contractors, building owners and Building Control, also need to be able to be provided with some comfort that an installation is compliant.

Here are few important points to help you carry out your due diligence for installing the correct system. Get the right firestop products solution tailored for your requirements by answering a list of essential questions. The outcome of the questionnaire will lead you to the correct product selection based on Protecta’s diagnostic firestop toolkit.

Protecta Firestop toolkit includes:

  1. Installation instructions with illustrated drawings showing tested solutions with fire ratings, maximum dimensions and various service types and sizes detailed.
  2. Protecta PFP Handbook containing detail architectural drawings.
  3. Protecta Phone App – Intended for site use when you need help fast or verification that a seal is compliant. This is regularly updated to include data from most recent fire tests.
  4. How to… Installation guide videos.
  5. Customer success helpline – A dedicated team of technical managers to call when outside the scope of testing.

Protecta® develop and supply some of the most comprehensive Passive Fire Protection systems in the industry today. All manufactured right here in the UK by its parent company Polyseam, who have been independently manufacturing 1st class brands for many of the world’s leading suppliers of fire protection and construction products since 1993. All Polyseam manufacturing systems are backed by ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management certification programs ensuring highest standards and best quality products.

At our fire research facility in Norway, our team of specialists’ put all products through the toughest tests to ensure we produce to the highest standards. More tests and an on-going development test programme are conducted in co-operation with major laboratories including SP, EXOVA, UL and BRE. We also hold full manufacturers membership with the ASFP.

To find out more about the Protecta brand please visit: or call +44(0)207 947 4123

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