Amari Plastics unveils imaginative Kerrock world

Amari Plastics, leading national supplier of plastics and related materials for industry, has recently launched a Kerrock world to visually demonstrate the unique properties of the modern material.

The campaign has been strategized to encourage imagination and possibility for designers and architects who will be selecting materials for retail and commercial interior projects and fit outs. It emphasises that Kerrock uses the combined benefits of plastics and natural materials to allow endless opportunities.

Designed as a hotel, the Kerrock world creatively maps each regarded area of such an establishment to highlight where and how Kerrock can be used as a better alternative to standard materials. With even the most functional of environments – a corporate boardroom and a hotel bathroom – Kerrock world shows initiative. From flat, round and curved, to extra stylised forms, virtually seamless structures are achieved with the thermoforming capability of Kerrock.

Andy Carroll, Managing Director of Amari Plastics, commented: “We are delighted to unveil the Kerrock world. By creating a detailed 3D image of a busy retail and commercial interiors environment, we can show the industry how much potential this one product possesses and the added value that comes with it. From thermoforming and fabricating, to engraving and backlighting with the Lumino range, Kerrock is as eye-catching as it is hardwearing.”

“With the Kerrock world, we are also able to show the impact of the Amari brand and our services. The material is available in 92 standard colours but Amari Plastics offers an unrivalled custom colour matching service to meet your requirements.”

“As a material that confidently reassures time after time, we encourage everyone to discover a world of Kerrock at Amari Plastics,” concluded Jamie Manifold, Director of Supplier Relations and Product Development at Amari Plastics.

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