Homebuyers Must-Haves for 2022

Homebuyers Must-Haves for 2022

Looking for a new home can be a tricky as well as exciting time. Buyers often fall in love with pictures of a property online but upon visiting can be put off by a poor layout, an ancient heating system, single glazed windows or poor storage; to name just a few.  Kebbell’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andrea Fawell tells us what is on the homebuyer must-have list for 2022.

  1. Double glazing. Whilst not a new feature on the must have list, double glazing is a very necessary one as it improves insulation and security, as well as reduces outside noise. It can be pricy to install double glazing, particularly at the moment because of current supply and demand issues.
  2. Good central heating. An effective central heating system that can be easily controlled reduces your energy bills, especially with the new price increases coming into effect. It can also lower your carbon footprint which is increasingly important to environmentally conscious buyers. Ask your estate agent how old the boiler is and look at the boiler yourself during viewings. A new or recently installed boiler is a definite plus for now, but boilers will be banned from new builds by 2025, and new boilers will no longer be for sale by 2035. Therefore, alternative heating methods, such as ground source heat pumps, will become increasingly desirable.
  3. Outside space. The past year of lockdowns has driven demand for both having our own attractive garden or terrace, as well as accessibility to lush scenery for walks and fresh air. Whether its space for playing games, a growing area for those of us with green fingers, or a patio for the BBQ, a sun trap garden is very high up on most people’s must-haves list!
  4. Driveway or parking spaces. A property with its own drive or allocated street parking is necessary for anyone with a car, especially if you’re moving to a built up and busy area renowned for parking space shortages which is an ever increasing problem. Having an allocated parking space means your car is more secure, easily accessible and close to your property.

    Andrea Fawell, Sales & Marketing Director at Kebbell
  5. Plenty of natural light. A bright, light-filled home with good additional lighting makes each room feel bigger and helps to emphasise colours, textures and accessories, as well as improve wellbeing and mood. A very dark house can feel gloomy and can be an off-putting deal breaker at a time when we all need our spirits lifted.
  6. Downstairs toilet. Having a downstairs toilet helps to keep visitors on one floor when you are entertaining, meaning you can worry less about keeping your entire home tidy for these occasions. It also makes life easier for everyone, including those who are a little bit older or have mobility issues. For some it is also very handy for potty training little ones too! Upstairs having the choice of both a bathtub and a shower is also desirable. A power shower or rain shower makes it feel luxe.
  7. Good storage options. Storage can be easily overlooked at first, but once buyers start imagining themselves in their potential new home they will start thinking about where everything is going to go. Where will they store the hoover, golf clubs, toys, games, shoes, coats, sports gear etc? It suddenly becomes a very important factor! Incredible storage has been one of the most popular features at our Heatherfields development which now only has three homes left to snap up.
  8. Energy efficiency. An energy efficient home means cheaper home insurance, lower energy bills and increased overall comfort. UK gas prices have skyrocketed this year and prices may continue to increase, so having an energy efficient home with good insulation is paramount.

Along with these essentials, other desirable features include clean carpets, a separate utility room, work-from-home space and a property that could increase in value with updates that don’t require you to move out for. 

Other top tips

  1. Have a non-negotiables list. Once you know exactly what your must haves are, you will be able to condense your search making it easier to find your new home.
  2. Remember that location is everything. Location can never be changed, as opposed to things like décor and layout which can usually be altered when the time is right.
  3. Trust your gut feeling. If you fall in love with a property online but in person you notice a couple of issues with it, remember to trust your instinct. Are the issues things that you can overcome, or do you need to discount this one?
  4. Consider buying a new build property. New builds provide the perfect blank canvas for making a home your own and require minimal maintenance since structural defects and built-in appliances are usually all covered by warranties.


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