Danish furniture brand Cane-line share the details of their latest chair design, Choice, an innovative product that is flexible above all.

Cane-line presents the ultra-flexible chair Choice; designed by Welling/Ludvik, it’s a chair that allows you to configurate it in countless ways to match your needs and demands, and alter it if your needs should change.

Choice is for those who wish freedom to choose and have a desire to buy more responsible-produced items without compromising on quality, design and comfort.

“We need to be extra cautious and think carefully on how we use Earth’s resources, there needs to be a reason to bring new products to the market. They need to have a purpose beyond being beautiful to look at,” explains the designer Gudmundur Ludvik.

Therefore, Welling/Ludvik have in collaboration with Cane-line designed and created Choice: a chair, where recycled materials, flexibility and a long lifespan are the focal points of the design.

Choice consists of few elements, which can be altered in countless ways to match your needs and space. It has a moulded shell made from 98% recycled polypropylene, where you can choose between seven different shapes of bases in either steel or wood, and three different hights – dining chair, bar chair or counter chair. Choice is suited for both indoor and outdoor use depending on your choice of material.

Lastly, you can choose between a wide selection of soft Cane-line cushions for the shell, but is also beautiful without cushions, where one can see the beautiful details of the Choice chair.

Choice has multiple combination options, use your creativity to design the Choice that matches your personality and space. Should your needs and wishes change, you can easily change the appearance by changing bases or cushions. The Choice is yours.

“It is part of Cane-line’s DNA to integrate responsibility into our design and production. We have taken a big step in a more responsible direction with Choice, and we are proud to present a chair, where recycling and responsibility is part of both production, design and afterlife of the design,” says Cane-line’s CEO Brian Djernes.

Another focus point has been to ensure that Choice has a long lifespan, because the most responsible and best thing for the environment is to take care of your things instead of purchasing new ones. The cushions of Choice are designed to be attached to the shell without use of glue and tools. This gives you the possibility to easily remove the cushions to clean it or change it if you crave a different look.

“This means that Choice can be altered to changing needs that will occur over time, and thereby has a longer lifespan compared to many other chairs. For example, if you have a chair that has been outdoors for many years and now have worn-out cushions. You can easily bring the chair indoors, and change the cushions and thereby bringing new life to the Choice chair,” explains Gudmundur Ludvik.
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