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Sustainable sealants – lock and Re-load @BondItUK

For most of us involved in the building industry, reducing our environmental impact is an increasingly important priority. One small step that can make a big difference is taking a fresh look at your use of sealants.

Every year, it’s estimated that a staggering one hundred million used sealant cartridges are sent to landfill in the UK. That equates to around 6,000 tonnes of non-degradable waste – with at least some of it being produced by the glazing industry. One company which has found an innovative way of addressing this problem is British-based, Bond It.

Neolith Virtually @Neolith_

Neolith® invests in the latest sales technology to bring the brand closer to customers

Neolith®, the pioneering brand of Sintered Stone, has launched a new digital platform: Neolith Virtual Experience. This powerful new tool brings its collection of over 50 colours and finishes from the showroom direct to the customer home.

Stay Safe with Snickers Workwear protective wear solutions for Men and Women. @SnickersWw_UK

Snickers Workwear –Your Health, Your Safety, Your Wellbeing On Site.

Long working days and cheap uncomfortable clothing makes Snickers Workwear’s protective wear range the better-informed choice for men and women working in hazardous environments and inclement weather.

Sustainably improving Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre @lime_products

“Sustainability, safety and strength were key for us when carrying out the remedial works at the Globe Theatre,” says Deborah McGhee, head of building operations at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Globe Theatre stands in the London Borough of Southwark, boasting an affluent history, with the current structure being the third to stand on the site.

Originally constructed in 1599, the first structure was destroyed by fire in 1613. The second structure was built following the blaze but was subsequently demolished in 1644 after the closure of all theatres. This left the site empty until 1997, when the third, and current, Globe Theatre was constructed.

The Importance of Delivering Hot Water with Temperature Control @rinnai_uk

The supply & use of hot water is vital to the efficient function of almost all industries. From NHS Healthcare to Care Homes to food production, hot water is critical yet often an overlooked integral part of the system design is the overall ability to accurately control hot water temperature. This capability can allow you to pre-emptively tackle or avoid issues arising from poor hygiene regimes or bacteria. The significance of hot water temperature control itself is being given a lot more attention, as seen in a CIBSE journal article entitled “Taking the temperature – domestic hot water” which looked at the potential of reducing carbon and providing modern, safer low energy solutions simply by focusing more on temperature and revising guidance (CIBSE, 2020). The importance of being able to accurately control hot water temperature will be explored in this paper.


Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, the leading roofing and waterproofing systems supplier, has invested further in British Board of Agrément (BBA) independent assessment – to continue to demonstrate its commitment to, and the importance of, mitigating fire risk in construction through a systems-based approach to compliance.

Additional comprehensive, independent testing and assessment of its BBA certified systems further endorses the fire performance of Langley’s industry leading RBM range. It certifies that its TA-20, TA-25 and TA-30 Flat Roofing Systems meet Broof(t4), the highest fire testing classification under the European standard system. The BBA certificates further detail the performance with regard to specific factors such as durability, thermal performance, wind up-lift and resistance to mechanical damage.