Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, the leading roofing and waterproofing systems supplier, has invested further in British Board of Agrément (BBA) independent assessment – to continue to demonstrate its commitment to, and the importance of, mitigating fire risk in construction through a systems-based approach to compliance.

Additional comprehensive, independent testing and assessment of its BBA certified systems further endorses the fire performance of Langley’s industry leading RBM range. It certifies that its TA-20, TA-25 and TA-30 Flat Roofing Systems meet Broof(t4), the highest fire testing classification under the European standard system. The BBA certificates further detail the performance with regard to specific factors such as durability, thermal performance, wind up-lift and resistance to mechanical damage.

The external fire performance of each Langley TA Flat Roofing System has been rigorously tested and certified with varying configurations of the system’s build-up. Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems have been thoroughly tested and certified with polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation thicknesses of 30mm to 250mm and Mineral Wool insulation thicknesses of 30mm to 150mm. They have additionally been tested on different roof deck types including cement board and wood particle board. This means that Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems can be used in a range of different configurations to best suit the requirements of the application whilst ensuring full compliance with Broof(t4) fire rating to BS EN 13501-5:2005.

Typically, systems are only tested in a limited number of configurations and details are given on the system suppliers’ BBA certification. The certificate then states that other specifications will require separate testing and assessment on a case by case basis. It cannot be automatically assumed that the system will still perform to that standard with a different combination of components.

The substitution of components within a system without the appropriate testing was among the key issues raised in the Hackitt Review of the Building Regulations. Langley continues to support the 100% Hackitt campaign, led by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and the BBA, that aims to ensure that all recommendations made in the review are fully implemented.

“Those responsible for the specification of the flat roof must ensure they carefully examine the information provided by system suppliers and that they fully understand the performance certification,” said Daren Fraser, Head of Technical at Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd.

“They should be extremely wary of systems that are only tested in very limited situations as any specification that deviates from the certified configuration risks non-compliance and potentially undermines the safety of the building in the event of a fire.”

Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems, also have LABC Assured status. This provides impartial and professional accreditation that the system complies with the building regulations, and is recognised by all local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. The systems also carry an independently backed insurance guarantee for design, materials, workmanship and consequential damage. The high-quality systems also have a life expectancy of at least 40 years, certified by the BBA.

“Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, understands very well that third party assessment and certification of the performance of its products and systems is key to providing independent assurance to specifiers and to those in the wider marketplace. As the UK’s leading certification body for construction products, the BBA has recently assessed and verified a comprehensive suite of reaction to fire test results with respect to TA-20, TA-25 and TA-30 Flat Roofing Systems. These reports, are fully documented within Certificate 12/4959, which eliminates any doubt or uncertainty of fire performance, which would arise had the reports not been made available and independently verified,” stated Dr Mike Wiseman, Construction Products Team Manager at the BBA.

Langley also offers learning and development opportunities on this subject. This includes its ‘Mitigating Fire Risk in Flat Roofing’ CPD seminar, available online. To book, visit:

Langley has also produced a supporting whitepaper, ‘Broof(t4) Compliance: Fire Penetration Performance and Spread of Fire’ – supported by Zurich UK. This white paper helps specifiers understand the regulations and factors that need to be considered to ensure a fully compliant and safe flat roof specification. The whitepaper can be downloaded from

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