Solecco Solar add new colours to innovative eco roof tile collection

Solecco Solar•Tiles have added a host of new colour shades to their roof tile collection. The natural blend-in tile colours include Smooth Grey, Slate Grey, Anthracite, Black, Terracotta, Flame Red, Rustic Red and Old English Dark Red for discreet integration with every building. These extra options give Solecco Solar•Tiles an edge in the industry, making them one of the only solar tile companies to offer customers a choice of different colours.

The addition of these new shades is ideal for customers aiming to upgrade and enhance the eco-performance rating of their home without compromising aesthetics. The colours match shades of normal roof tiles currently used by homeowners, in a move that even makes solar tiles accessible for homeowners with terraced or semi-detached houses.

Another area which will benefit is those of outstanding national beauty (AONB). For these buildings, the vast range of colour choice that now comes with Solecco Solar•Tiles, means these architectural wonders will further benefit from a seamless upgrade and minimal impact to surrounding areas.

New to the industry, Solecco Solar•Tiles have an energy output of 150 w/m2 to efficiently power homes and buildings, with an impressive solar tile cell efficiency of 17.39%. The lightweight, zero-glass tiles connect via an interlocking system, ensuring a secure roof with an anti-glare surface to further benefit aesthetics.

The tailoring of the brand’s solar tile system makes it ideal for a wide range of roof types and layouts, including those not suitable for conventional panels. This flexibility also means the tiles can cover 98% of roof surface area, maximising ergonomics and output to generate more renewable energy per household.

The technology company also promises to complete installation of each domestic solar tile project in only one day, ensuring minimum disruption to surrounding areas and a professional and efficient service.

To find out more information on performance, how Solecco Solar•Tiles work and how they can benefit your project, visit Solecco Solar’s website at

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